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182 return to standard(ish)

After a month of searching for the right one, I picked up a full fat 182 for £2000. It has full service history and so far so good as far as reliability goes.


Since i got it on friday I have already removed the tint from the front windows, removed the green vinyl wraps from various parts of the interior, removed the black wrap from the front badge, removed the non wired up start button and filled the whole with a rubber grommet, filled the headlight washer holes with rubber grommets and fitted a connects2 cable so that I can use my steering wheel controls with the aftermarket stereo fitted.
The other jobs that need doing are:
replace cone filter with standard air box or an arrangement that actually uses the cold air feed,
remove tint from the rear windows,
replace rear badges as it has been debadged,
replace headlights with standard units (although these ones are growing on me),
purchase and program a spare key,
replace sideskirts with standard ones (those fitted are chipped anyway),
find and cure the source of the poor fm signal and lack of am signal

Updates will be posted
Those lights imo are s**t. Why on earth did the former keeper replace factory xenons with those things.
Got a little bit done today but the possibility of rain is stopping me running extension leads outside so i can steam these tints off.
Today my clio and sport badges arrived but still waiting for the renault one, so I got clio fitted to cover up the holes and now im happier with the back already.

I also took off the rear lights to sand the rust off of the connectors and stop the annoying fog dash light flicker under braking, this was sorted in 5 minutes thanks to a little bit of searching on here last night.

Hopefully more will be done tomorrow.
Got a bit more done today, the main job being the removal of the tints from the last 3 windows and removing the glue left over from doing it on the front two windows. I found that as long as I went slowly and kept the steam on it then whole time I was able to get the last 3 off without leaving any glue behind.

This is how it was looking part way through and below is the finished product.

After this, I fitted the last of the badges for the back and now the rear of the car looks like it should again.

Now the next on the list is to give it a good clean then look into getting a standard 182 air box.


Got some more done over the past few days, taken the old aerial base off because I could only tune in to radio 1, once i got it off i took it apart and it looked like this inside.

Then after my new aerial base arrived today I got it fitted and gave the car a wash.

So I'm pretty happy with the car now but there's still a few more jobs to be getting on with such as the air box and air filter which are in the post and should arrive next week then the car will be almost how I want it.
Looks like the steam removed the excess glue well?

Cheers, has given me an idea on how to remove the glue attaching my number plate to the car. Looks like it has been put on twice now without cleaning off the excess!
yeah the steam did do the glue as long as I heated it up for long enough, it got the excess glue left on the front windows, from when i rushed peeling it off, easily as well. So I don't see why it wouldn't work on number plate glue too.
My air box and pipercross filter arrived yesterday so it was on with the fitting today, didn't remember to take a picture of the set up it was running instead but needless to say the filter was very hot even after a long motorway trip, so the standard air box and cold air feeds are back for the time being at least.

I'm pleased with this, it went on easily and now I won't be losing performance to heat soak. However, I do miss the induction noise that the old cone was providing but performance has to come before sound.

This will probably be the last I do for a week or so as I'm off on holiday on monday and haven't got anymore parts on the way as it stands.