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182 UCH ECU + Key

  182 FF, saxo vts
Hi all, about a week ago car refused to start then lights/ alarm and hazards began to come on and go off at will. I did a bit of googling and decided to get a used UCH / ECU and key from ebay.

I swapped units over today, swapped the circuit board from new key to old key and reconnected the battery. Now as soon as I plip unlock the door the alarm goes off immediately.

Anyone got any ideas?
  Audi A3
i swapped mine over in the past ecu/uch/and key fob and didnt have that problem so id imagine it is something else.

good luck with all them wires though!
  Clio 172 cup
First thing we need to know is what your immobiliser doing

Does the red light go out when you turn the ignition or stay on or flash???
  Clio 172 cup
Its best me posting on here then if someone has the same prob they can find.

Well you have gone about fixing this the wrong way as its very rarely the uch or ecu thats at fault but you have changed that anyway so its not that.

Next thing to do is check the earths are secure.

Check the one on the battery is connected well to the engine body and check the earth strap on the gearbox has not snapped/come off.

Next check all the fuses

Next in the fusebox, you will see 3 black relays all the same in a row, swap these around and try starting

Next pull the white ecu multiplug apart behind the nearside headlight and check for corrosion and give it a blast with wd40 before connecting back together.

When you have done all this then comeback
  Clio 172 cup
Chances are its a break in a wire in the ecu loom.

Disconnect the ecu and take off all the cable tape and plastic wrap off the loom from the ecu all the way to the white multiplug

Obviously this job is easy but it takes time.

Check every wire and take special attention to the canbus wiring in the loom which will be a white/purple or white/grey wires twisted together like in the photo below.

Look out for any green powder on the wires which means there is corrosion somewhere,
Take your time and look closely as some wires are extremely thin