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182 wheels - colour choice?

  Impreza Wagon
I'm now the owner of two sets of 182 wheels in anthracite however one set needs a good refurb. Instead of getting them done in the normal black/white/silver/anthracite has anyone had them sprayed in other colours? They'll be winter/track wheels for when I finally get some booked! Any suggestions, photos, photoshops are welcome :)
  Impreza Wagon
Already got one set though (however it is the best colour) and I wanted to try out the local powder coaters so thought why not go for something different?


ClioSport Admin
Dynorod orange?

Winter wheels?-white?

I think you should get something day glow if they're going to be track/winter wheels... You'll be easily identifiable on track for pics etc and if you have an accident in the winter you'll be easily found :)
  Impreza Wagon
Haha yes, very true! The only annoying thing is that the centre caps on the 182 wheels can't be powdercoated and I imagine a colour match will be pricey at a bodyshop.