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182 wheels.. What colour?!?

  Renault clio 182
Right guys, my 182 wheels have gone in for a refurb, they were anthracite but where starting to corrode a bit so I've decided to get them done, but can't decide on a colour at all. My 182 is black/gold and I do think the anthracite wheels suit very well, but there's plenty of clios around with anthracite wheels, I want to be a bit different!
Would a dark candy red be too far?
Or do I stick with the anthracite?

Please help me decide :)


Candy Red all the way Luke!!

Get the pics uploaded tomorrow when there finished and on the car :)
  Impreza Wagon
I'm also having this dilemma, I've got 2 sets of anthracite wheels so one is getting a wacky colour choice. I'm just worried about getting a colour match on the centre caps as they can't be powder coated.
  Renault clio 182
The lad who's doing mine says he can manage something with the centre caps, I'l just have to wait and see :/
  Renault clio 182
.... Just spoke to him and he said he may struggle matching the paint, don't think the wheels would look any good without the centre caps?!