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182 with hesitation on full throttle.

  Clio 182
Hi all. Iv picked up a nice little 182 with 66k on it. Very clean car but its very hesitant on full throttle it picks up better at 5k but backs off a second later and pulls the same as it does before 5k. Feels a little wheezy?
Need help.
  Clio 182
Hmmmm iv changed the plugs and HT leads and the hesitation is still the same.
Does the 182 have the power restriction like the 197 when its not up to temperature?
  Arctic Blue FF 182
what petrol are you using?

The 182 does have a rev limiter until the engine has warmed up, I cant remember the limit off the top of my head.

I usually let mine warm for 10-15 mins with minimal load on the engine before even thinking of ragging her about mind and see no hesitation at all.
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  RB Clio 182
The 182 only revs to 6.8k when cold, and 7.25k when up to temp iirc, not sure if theres any difference in speed because i dont really want to try it.
  Clio 182
Using Sainsbury high octane. It was on normal 95 fuel but its made no difference. I only toed it the once to see if the hesitation was there from cold I had a theory that maybe the power restriction sensor was playing up. Iv just ordered a coil pack so should be here next week. Hope that cures it.
  Clio 182
Right iv now fitted the new coil pack and its not as bad. It still has a slight hesitation around 5250rpm but does not have the pronounced kick at 5k.
Getting pissed off with it now. Its had plugs leads and coil pack. Iv driven with map and iat sensors unplugged and it still hesitant. I can only see one lambada sensor on cat so where is the 1st one I cant see it from under the bonnet?