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182 wont idle and stalls

  KTM 990 SD / S60 D5
Having a few probs with my 182,started the car the other day and it sounded really lumpy and there was a bad smell of fuel,tried to drive the car but it wouldn't rev and misfired,limped the car home and put it on a code reader which came back with o2 sensor bank 1 sensor 1,changed it for a pattern sensor,started car and the idle was fine but it was still misfiring,so changed the plugs and the ht leads,started car and was fine for about 2 miles,then the engine light came on again,so back to the code reader,o2 sensor again,so thinking it might be because of the pattern part got a Renault one and fitted it,cleared the codes as before and tried to start the car no joy,but could smell petrol again,took the plugs out and they were soaked with fuel,so gave them a clean burnt off the fuel and tried again,the car starts but wont idle properly and the revs drop off when you try and rev,it seems to be over fueling, 4 days prior to these probs the car had a custom remap,have spoken to the company that mapped the car and they said they have never had any probs before and would have a look at the car,but they are a good hour and a half away and worried the car wont make it.Anyone have any ideas what the prob may be,injectors maybe ,would they bring the engine light on.