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182 Won't Start


ClioSport Club Member
  LY 182; Octy vRS 245
🤬🤬 car! I'm starting to think I might be coming towards the end of my time with 182s 😆 16 year old French car, getting a bit sick of the gremlins tbh.

Took car out for a drive earlier today and all was fine; even stopped for petrol; no issues... half hour later returned to car in car park and it wouldn't start. Turn the ignition on, normal warning lights go out etc., get a 'click' noise from left hand side but no turn over or crank, it just doesn't do anything.

This has happened before but on that occasion after an hour (and seconds before the AA arrived) it magically came back to life.

I'm thinking it's an issue with the key not being recognised? Or the immobiliser?

I've seen quite a lot of similar stories around here but no conclusive resolution. I've tried all the 'immobiliser reset' guides/locking/unlocking car etc etc that people have suggested in other threads.

I'm hoping when I go back to it tomorrow it will be working again but who knows?! Otherwise it'll be another AA call out me thinks.

PS. Anyone want to invest in a Liquid Yellow 182? 😂


ClioSport Club Member
  LY 182; Octy vRS 245
Battery should definitely be fine, just had a new one and alternator. No starting issues at all of late until today.


ClioSport Club Member
Well, a click and nothing else is usually a flat battery or your starter motor (assuming your engine isn't seized). Did all the dash lights go out when you tried to start it?

Take a jump pack with you when you go back.

If its an immobiliser fault usually the car will turn over a few times then stop (while you have the key still turned). Although there may well be another fault mode where the starter won't turn at all??

If the battery is not flat:

I would pull the fuse box apart, locate the big rectangular white connector, pull it apart and with the battery disconnected proceed to clean all the green fur off the pins. After that I would check the earth strap which is under the passenger wheel well towards the engine bay (on chassis leg) is intact.

Lots of people have had alternators fail recently, my self included. The alternator seems to fail as a short across the battery which either means lots of smoke out the alternator or a flat battery (or both).

Doubt you will have much trouble selling a liquid yellow 182 at the moment.