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182_steve's FF 182 progress thread!

So as the title suggests, this is more of a progress thread than a project thread as i'm not planning to fit a twin turbo or flux capacitor or anything, just a few changes along the way and it's always nice to keep everything in the same place :up:

So where to begin!? Well, this is my first Renault, my first French car full stop actually so please forgive any stupid comments or questions I may make along the way (that said, does anyone know what the name of the colour of my car is please? :grin:🙈) Anyway, skip forward to April 2016 and I decided to sell my Cosmic Grey EP3 Civic Type-R for something different although i'd pretty much made up my mind I was going to get a 182! I nearly bought a Black/Gold 182 with Recaro's and Turini's etc about three years ago but it sold before I could view it so thought this time, i'm having one! Luckily, I sold the Civic in around five days and also around that time I heard that a local car of interest might come up for sale for the right money. You know how it is locally, friend of a friend bla bla! The car in question was a blue Full Fat 182 that had been enthusiast owned for just over four years, with good history, subtle mods and only around 70,000 miles. It also had the all important belts and de-phaser done not long ago.

The modifications on the car are;
  • Cook sport springs
  • 16mm hubcentric spacers
  • Stainless steel cat-back exhaust (make unknown)
Long story short, I bought the car as it was the colour I wanted and looked and handled great! As I type this I only got the car on Thursday evening so only drove it properly for the first time today due to work etc but have taken some fresh photos this morning.

So, this is the 182 as I got it;




The interior is in great shape as you'd expect for the mileage, just has a metal foot rest that will be coming out soon as not to my taste. One BIG bonus is that it recently had a steering wheel restoration, I believe from snappy? Looks awesome :cool:




The sun strip isn't quite to my taste as it's quite big so may come off at some point but all in good time as it's only window tint;


The wheels are all in great condition too as were recently re-furbished in silver;




After getting a few random photos, I went to the local Renault dealer this morning to sort out a few bits. These included having some new number plates made up with the dealer logo and without the GB, a full mat set, 'Renault' 'Sport' and 'Clio' bootlid badges and a couple of other small bits. It's all on order but did walk out with the number plates and these;


Also thought it would be rude not to take some photos while there :up:
(I took the number plates off so that they could use them as a template to drill the new ones so that they fit ok!)



.......... and on the way home from it's first run out, FUEL TIME! Was nearly on the red so gave it a full tank of V-Power. Let's see how long this lasts!!


So the future plans so far are quite simple, just Turini's, a new stainless exhaust (probably miltek) and a K&N panel filter. I'm sure plans will chop and change over time though........... the mats will be going in very soon and as soon as the boot lid badges are in, will be looking forward to putting them on as i'm not so keen on the de-badged look myself, I like my cars looking more OEM+

Oh and the CD player has a CD stuck in it so may have to change that lol!

Thanks for reading so far!
It's now had a thorough hoover out, new mats fitted and alloy foot rest removed, new number plates fitted and a quick clean :up:


Oh and the essential addition :laughing:

Thanks for all the positive comments guys, much appreciated :up:

It's very interesting all the love for the standard silver finished wheels, when I first got the car I was thinking Turini's asap BUT.... the more I look at the photos, the standards are growing on me too and with the spacers, they do sit nicely on the car!

Hopefully will have an update tomorrow................ the only thing to report since the last pics is that I've changed the floppy aero wipers fitted on the car when I got it for some genuine Renault normal style ones with the metal type arm. As this is such an exciting thing to change, I didn't take any pics but that said, it's the little touches :laughing:
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Steve, do you have the part numbers for the Renault boot badges by any chance? I need the Renault one, but may replace all 3 if I can avoid paying dealer prices :)
So today has been very productive as have had several things sorted at one time......... I was going to originally keep the standard stereo but after finding out the CD player doesn't like ejecting cd's, I thought i'd have my trusty old Alpine unit that I first purchased in 2007 fitted at our local specialists. This is a rare place I trust with my car and have used them for over 10 years. Anyway, a simple headunit change ended up being a bit more, standard!! 🙈 So overall, i've ended up having the following done;
  • Fitted my headunit (with additional adaptor leads to enable the steering remote to still work that I asked for)
  • Audison 225w component front speakers all fitted in the standard positions including tweeters
  • Hertz Hi-Energy 140w co-axial speakers fitted in the rear to help balance out the sound
  • Skinz kit fitted in both doors - this is very good sound proofing basically!
While there they also removed the sun strip for me as that was going to be a mission and they have the required heat gun etc to do it :up:



Sun strip now gone and looking much better;


Oh, and today ALSO saw this happen :laughing:


Steve, do you have the part numbers for the Renault boot badges by any chance? I need the Renault one, but may replace all 3 if I can avoid paying dealer prices :smile:

No probs buddy :up: the part numbers I have on my Renault invoice are as follows;
  • P R60 00 068 214 is the SPORT badge
  • P R77 00 817 027 is the RENAULT badge
  • P R77 00 849 001 is the CLIO badge
Be warned though, they are not cheap sadly! In addition to that, the Renault and Clio badges have lugs on the back that need cutting off and then you can try and stick them on..... I wasn't drilling my boot lid lmao..... the Sport badge was the only one that was self adhesive amazingly!!
  182 trackcar, XC60t6
Let the monster induction roar out and fit a pod filter. (Top of air box off. Panel out. Pod and silicone straight extension inside the bottom section of the air box. Makes it easy to revert back).
Fitted the battery cover I recently purchased today...... I say fitted.... it's one bolt! But that said, for how simple it is, it looks really good I think as covers the battery, the only issue I have with it is that it is jet black and the plastics around it like the air box look a kind of faded blacky grey in comparison lol!



Also had a change with the forum URL's........ this took far too long, but it has to be perfect lol!



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The coolant isn't looking too great, Renault type D coolant is bright green! -unless of course its not the genuine stuff and has that colour? :smile:
The coolant isn't looking too great, Renault type D coolant is bright green! -unless of course its not the genuine stuff and has that colour? :smile:

That's an interesting thing to know, have made a note of that :up: the coolant is reasonably new but it's not the genuine Renault stuff, was done by the previous owner. Getting the right stuff in the car will now be on the list when it's next serviced!
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Have gone full OCD on the interior this morning, I mean it wasn't that bad to be honest and was very presentable which makes a nice change when buying a new car... this is why it wasn't a major job! All I needed was some clean microfibers and my Autobrite Pink Sheen interior cleaner and Autobrite Crystal glass cleaner, cleaning every recess and cubby hole I could find lol, as well as all interior glass, info screens and dials! With that all done, then noticed the pedals were letting it down a little so got the Autosol out now I have some and buffed the pedals...... the photos don't really show the difference to be honest, but was well worth doing!





.... and a general interior one now it's how I want it. As said, was pretty decent, but now i'm happy 😂


Just need to bolt down the standard foot rest, now I've taken the silver aftermarket cover off :up:


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  Clio182 Trophy/R5GTT
Looking sweet mate, nice clean example gotta have the boot badges dont know why people take them off. When you change the coolant give it a good flush out with clean water a few times to ensure the type D doesnt have a pinky tinge. ;-)
cleaning session for me on bank holiday Monday me thinks! Where are those mats from stev0?

Agreed, think i'll be doing the same over the weekend :smiley: ........ mats are from Renault, they have normal ones for £25 ish, much better 'plush' ones (mine) for £40 ish and then the Renault Sport ones for £65 ish...... I didn't want the Sport ones tho due to the silver trim around the edge
So today I've spent all morning doing what i'm calling my French Car Show prep (as i'm working all next week)...... it's only had a good coat of Autobrite Cherry Glaze, but when I say a good coat, its had every panel buffed, lights, number plates, badges, inside of doors, inside of boot and a little under the bonnet. Also trim restored the wiper arms as they were quite faded and cleaned the wheels again although they weren't very dirty. The under bonnet is still a bit dirty in places and not quite there yet, although much improved, so haven't taken a pic but i'm really happy how it's all come up..... to finish, I might give it a quick coat of Autobrite Elegance sealant over the weekend but as it stands, its looking sharp :smiley:

The photos here don't really show the shine, but when the sun's out, should reflect very nicely :up:




ClioSport Club Member
Yes, I agree. The silver looks really fresh.

Loving the little changes like the pedal plates. Where did you get them from? I got my last set for my ph1 from Renault, but was under the impression the throttle pedal plate only came with the pedal itself.

Car looks great Steve :smile:
Yes, I agree. The silver looks really fresh.

Loving the little changes like the pedal plates. Where did you get them from? I got my last set for my ph1 from Renault, but was under the impression the throttle pedal plate only came with the pedal itself.

Car looks great Steve :smile:

The pedals are still the originals (as far as I know?), I just buffed them up with Autosol metal polish...... the photos I posted are before and after! But i'm happy you thought they were new :smile:

If you sell you wheels or want any oz ultras let me know.

Will bear that in mind :wink:
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