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18inch wheels on a valver

how is the handling effected over the standard 15inche wheels. i can get a set of 18s with tyres for good money, so i mite get a set of these for my 19 16v. cheers


p.s. do they fit okay, without the need for coilovers?
  BMW 320d Sport

They go on (just) but I had to do a lot of chopping to get them in there. About 3 or 4mm between the bottom of the spring platform and the top of the tyre (215/35/18). But as Rob says, mine is dropped 35mm. A 19s arches should swallow them fairly easily I would have thought?

Im pretty sure with coilovers, you could definitely fit 19s in, to go to 20" youd need some serious arch mods not just at the top but at the sides.
  BMW 320d Sport

BTW the handling is lovely, no major problems, a bit more tramlining than before because of the 215 tyre, breakaway on fast, hard cornering not quite as progressive as on 15s. The thing I did notice was that the ride quality was a lot better even with 35 profile tyres; even my wife noticed it. Probably cos you tend to roll over the potholes rather than into them!