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191 BHP CLIO valve

  Clio 1.8 16v

My mate has just told me and he works at ripspeed in halfords just said that there is a clio 1.816v with induction kit n de-cat pipe and a 50bhp jet of noz on it and it has got 191bhp that is very good and gues what my mate is lending me on thursday of a few month till he gets a new car?hehe NOZ:devilish:

also there was a renault 5gt turbo n that had 350 + bhp :eek:dont think i will bother racin him it was the car that wheel span almost the full lenght of santpod!!!!oh all this is in next months redline or 1 of them mags
  Clio 1.8 16v

crazy aint it?cant wait till i fit it to my car i had it on once but only 25bhp n that was not all that good but then i had to give it to my mate coz it was his so he fitted it to his then sum guy ran into his 5 n wrote it off so i can have the noz back but with a 50bhp jet hehe