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197 injectors in a TCE

  E30 318iS x2
Been looking around, chatting etc.

Spoke to some one who has put 197 injectors in a 1.2, is this possible?

Reason I ask is I have been talking to a tuning company about mapping my turbo and they can get silly big gains but are having to limit them because the standard injectors can't handle the power. If I fit 197 injectors would they work and would this allow me to run the higher map?
  E30 318iS x2
Standard engine is 100 the gain takes it to 136 hence why I'm all of a sudden very interested in the injectors. They're going to tune it down to 125 to be safe and one reason is because the injectors can't open and close that fast and the extra strain would be too much. This is the first avenue I want to explore.


ClioSport Club Member
  Frankenstein Twingo
get one for ya in the morn danny, f**k me tho the inlet mani is tiny and the turbo spec is small, defo going to be the r5 gtt of the future. picked it up today such a fruity little number to ramp round in lol
  E30 318iS x2
Pipe dream ;) but very interested in possibilities. Just starting out my auto motive life etc and all this is really helpful for me