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1st mods for my 182

  Nike Lunar Elite's
Thanks to Kris_M and Storm_Force I've got hold of a cup spolier and carbon splitter.


Got a month off in September so will get the spoiler sprayed then, will probably get the splitter fitted Saturday.
  Clio 172 mk2
Carbon splitter is the tits...brought one for my 172 a while back and it completely changes the look of the front end:D

Recommend taking the front bumper off though to fit and doing a proper job....can get the fit spot on and use decent bolts instead of the c**p self tappers supplied with it.
that spoiler is lvoely mate where did you get it from ebay? i would love one of those carbon splitters they look really well cant we sort out another group buy on them?


i still may get a mk2 next year theres so much you can get for them now:cool:
  Nike Lunar Elite's
Cheers for the comments guys, not got as much planned for my 182 as was done to my last Clio.

Yin - Mine is the same colour (Titanium silver) but I believe that some of the paint bubbled so the last owner (Kris_M) sanded down some of the sections. Will probably be easier to just give it a whole new spray job rather than patching up the sanded down areas.