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1st time Renault owner,new here

  Clio e-tech 140 RSLi
Hi all 👋,

As the title suggests new here picked up My Valencia orange Clio V 1.6 e-tech 140RSLine this morning and looking for some information. Not had much chance to drive it but what chance I have it's alot better than I expected!! but also things not there that I would of expectedto be!
  Clio e-tech 140 RSLi
Thanks for the welcome, had some rain so not many pics yet


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ClioSport Club Member
Best colour by far, on any new car today 👍. What is it you think is missing? Lots of manufacturers have omitted certain features because of the chip shortage lately.
  Clio e-tech 140 RSLi
Yeah had to! it just goes so well with the car and trim! Well I've had quite a few cars that are either top of their range or close to and just little things it has electric mirrors yet not power folding mirrors which is baffling due to the fact it locks its self when you walk off! I these sound silly like they're nothing but I suppose its down to what you expect from a top end model like no heated seats but they're in the owners manual, also what has a picture of a phone on I thought to be a wireless charging pad but I've yet to see it work or a setting to do so may just be me missing something there. What I found curious is before I bought the car I read and watched the reviews and they say they have a bose sound system apparently an optional extra, the self park feature too (not that I mind with that one though 🤣) , the touch screen is slow to respond too and I heard the regenerative engine breaking gear (I'm in an Auto by the way) was mild I tried it out the car almost felt like it slammed on I can put that one down to possible lack of wear just little niggles I know its not a very expensive car though. Don't get wrong its worth the money.


ClioSport Club Member
Folding mirrors has been a lucky dip on clios for 15 years or so, auto folding ones are definitely blue sky thinking 😂. The other things I don't k ow about unfortunately. Is the car a hybrid one then? My mrs has a Mk4 dci and she would definitely have another clio but we don't need a diesel now as she Onky works a mile away. I'll be intrested to see how you get on with the Clio in time👍.
  Clio e-tech 140 RSLi
Haha yeah you've a point there mk3's and heater box, wiper motors and sun roofs renault don't have the greatest track record on moving electrical parts, haha probably best to be safe. I'll post an update when I've managed to do a couple hundred miles so far the car it's self is beautiful to drive not too stiff considering the rear setup is still torsion bar sticks to the road! And acceleration is allot better than I thought. One thing that strikes me though is my previous car is a SEAT ARONA FR Sport 115bhp 1.0, 3 cylinder turbocharged engine and this is a 1.6 140 BHP. Now I know we all stick to the speed limit but this clio's top end is 112mph so slow even for a 1.6 that number I would expect of the base version with the 1.0 engine in it, the arona would easily do it on top end. (This is speculation I always adhere to the speed limit 🥸😇😅) But the space and practicality of the clio is brilliant oh thats another thing in the manual mentions heated steering wheel but nowhere to be found. It does have a shark fin antenna though 😅 to be fair I am ragging on it bad, there are alot of good points so we'll see how it gets on (by the way apparently you no longer have to run an engine in I never believe that even if they had engines hooked up on engine stands it's not the same as pulling weight so run it in for a couple hundred miles first better to be safe than sorry. Had a young lad on the arona forum who bought one new and I warned him not to welly it until its properly run in he read the post 2 hours later whilst his car was being recovered for a blown turbo 😂😂.