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  1. S


    Can you only get salvage flywheels for an 05 mk2 clio? Seems renault dont keep new ones for the d4f 7 series. Ive checked for other makes of car with the same engine and nothing but salvage ones turn up. Anyone know where to get a new single mass flywheel for pre 06 engines?
  2. M

    1st time Renault owner,new here

    Hi all 👋, As the title suggests new here picked up My Valencia orange Clio V 1.6 e-tech 140RSLine this morning and looking for some information. Not had much chance to drive it but what chance I have it's alot better than I expected!! but also things not there that I would of expectedto be!
  3. C

    New to Renault

    Good evening, Not long bagged myself a bargin on a 1.4 16v clio, just a lil run about for now. Miss matched wheels, ripped seat, fag burns in rear seats, but it runs sweet, need a lil tlc it's been neglected but it a fun lil car.
  4. S

    New Clio 200 Owner

    Hello all, Just picked up a 2012 Renaultsport Clio 200 a few weeks ago! Came with just over 50k miles on the clock, and was on the H&R lowering springs. Have since taken off the springs and got a nice pair of Pilot Sport 4s for it. Will be selling the springs if anyone is interested. Was also...
  5. M

    Need advice to choose new Clio

    Hi I’m currently residing in Warsaw Poland. I’m planning to buy Renault Clio but in a confusion of choosing the below. 1. Engine with 1.0 TCE manual(3 cylinder) or 1.3 TCE automatic (4 cylinder) 2. Adding easy park feature is worth or not ? 3. Multi sense worth or not ?
  6. WhiteClioCup

    Greetings fellow baguette heads. New Member Intro

    Hiya! I've finally managed to save enough to get my own RS2 a couple months ago and I'm absolutely in love with the way he handles, sounds and looks! I've never been so passionate about a car before. So much so i've named him 'Chip'. Problem is I've ended up going on a slight rampage on my...
  7. N

    Hi from warrington! Need help please :)

    Hi, I have decided to bight the bullet and buy a clio and need some help! I have decided to go for a 182 if i can find one in budget. Never owning a clio i have no idea what to look for and what to avoid? So anything i should know? Also i am going to use it occasionally on the road and on...
  8. Jacpac5

    Looking to start racing

    So i just turned 17 in July and passed my test last month. I currently am driving a Clio 1.2 16v Campus and the insurance is already a killer. I was looking at getting a 1*2 and potentially getting it towed but that was so much money and insuring and driving it there was even worse. Just looking...
  9. Kayla Tomas

    East Mids Meet Hurt Arms at Ambergate ***New Date***29th June

    slight change of date but we finally have a meet which i will endevour to have every month in the same place (providing people like it of cause :) ) please share everyone welcome not just east mids :)
  10. RichAwty

    First car, first post

    Hey just started using this so thought I'd say hi and maybe see if anybody has any words of wisdom for me. Quick background on me: I'm 24 but only recently started driving because it wasn't feasible while I was at uni. My first car is an ex-write-off (small dent in door) Clio Dynamique 1.2 16v...
  11. M

    New Member!

    Hello everyone, So I've been looking around this site for a long time at different cars and followed a lot of projects but never got round to posting or making an account, so here goes. My name is Matthew and currently living in Wales. So I bought a Renault Clio MK3 2008 around a month ago...
  12. S

    Clio 182 newbie in Newcastle

    Hey! Just bought my first 182 at the weekend and loving it so far! See quite a few around the north east so will be good to catch up with people around the local area on here! This will be a track/weekend car for me, so i'm going to have a look through a few threads for some tips on how to get...
  13. C

    Maybe new Exhaust, can someone help me?

    Hello Dear Clio lovers! I'am new at this forum and i want some help and tips from you guys what i can do! :) My car: Renault Clio 2 - 1.6 8V 66KW(90PK/HP) I have googled some exhausts, but i see only for 16V engines and this exhausts: 1. BackBox Cherry bomb exhaust 2. Novus exhaust Is there a...
  14. Elliott85

    Greetings all

    Hi there, New 182 owner here having recently purchased one following a lengthy search for my dream Clio. Not generally into the whole social media online chat kind of thing but felt I'd like to contribute having enjoyed reading through details of other members vehicles. Have found this site...
  15. Joe Wootten

    Clio 182 Cup - Daily project!

    New to ClioSport, Picked up my 182 Cup about 2 months ago now starting to get ideas about where I want to go with it modification wise and also driving roads, trips and tracks:) All my modifications will be posted on here as well as trips and anything else I do on the car. Anyone wants to...
  16. B

    Clio 200 near Glasgow - Should I buy?

    Hi, Brand new member looking for some advice! Looking to buy a Clio 200 and have up to £8k to spend. Was wondering if there was anything in particular I should be looking out for? I have heard about the gearbox synchros for example - does that mean if the gearbox hasn't been done previously I...
  17. M

    New Here! Matt's Silver 182.

    Hi everyone, new here and new to the Clio scene altogether! Purchased myself a 182 last week, feel like I got a good deal. Majority of the car seems to be in very good condition, drives really well, done 84k, FSH, cambelt and dephaser done 12k ago. Paid £1500 for it. This is upgrading from a...
  18. N

    Hi guys.

    Hi Guys, I'm new to the club after recently purchasing a slightly tired 172 Cup. Always loved these little cars and it came time to bite the bullet and buy what is my first ever performance orientated car. Bit about the car, its an '03 plate 172 Cup, 106k miles and FSH. It is about to run out...