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2.0 Fiesta v’s Williams

  BMW Z4 2.5si Sport

Raced my Fez against the Williams up a hill the other day. The Fiesta seemed to pull away from the Williams (!) Cant wait to get the Fez up the strip to c what times I can get in it.

What you mean seemed to pull away ?! it did pull away well and truly faster, the gap was getting bigger

must have been the driver in the fiesta "align=absmiddle>
must be hard to drive fast in the clio while holding the dash together
  BMW 320d Sport

hehe yeah French build quality isnt crap...but then again in a Clio youre motoring in style, something which no Fiesta ever built will have...

BTW Wongy take note!
  Audi S3

U r dissin the clio build quality when u have a festa dont make me laugh!
its a ford! yea there are some nice ones like louises 2.0 festa but come on!


fiesta aint finished yet, and its slightly off full throttle at the mo. does the bloke who sorted it get a mention then
  Corsa 1.3 CDTI

Nick I was supprised when Wongy mentioned the FRST the other day. WHY ??

He said there was only so much modding you can do on a 16v.

The 16v looks sweet though and a nice big turbo will help out !!!!
  BMW Z4 2.5si Sport

Yeah, BIG thanks to snake who made the Fez work again.

and I love both cars. Clios and Fiestas

The whole story isnt being told here....... i was in the clio which was getting a full on spanking, and the fez pulled away nice and easy even with markFRST driving lol

There was a big gap at the top of the hill and mark didnt go over five grand


louise i thought it was only the 130BHP 2.0 you used?

if it had been the 150BHP the it would have been a close thing,

and remeber the lad by me, T35 straight on the 150BHP 2.0, same compression, dead basic, and it made 310BHP!!!!!

do it now
  BMW Z4 2.5si Sport

Yeah, it is the 130ish bhp 2.0 from a Mondeo Si. Hasnt been rolling roaded yet, but theres one coming up on 6th Oct.