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2 graphs from the ap22. interesting

This is the Williams..

the one below is a 172 mk2..

Very interesting reading.

The second graph is indicative of all the 172s today.

Note that the williams can pull much stronger in the lower gears and achieve a highe power at the wheels in the early stages. The gearing on the williams is, IMHO superior to the 172 Mk2. Also, the cams on the Mk2 are much flatter in the power delivery.

I will never underestimate a Willy again

Nick ??.. whats yer thoughts. ?


on a second note, the torque of the 172 is higher, as you can see by the dips, but.. the willy gets the power down better, the engine pulls stronger..

Me thinks the 172s need a set of cams optimised for power on the second profile

the Willy hasnt got the VVT so the cam profile is far more powerfull when in the band.


loooking at the graphs its seems the willy pulls to 60 quicker too. a lot quicker too. which time do you take from the left or from the right. either way the willy was faster

note to craggy
your willy is a real flier and is it std

  mk2 172

hello guys, thanks for the compliments, im blushing, only "mod" on mine is it has no cat, but the de-cat pipe is a rusty old thing full of holes so it might get better!, am well chuffed, but ive always thought there was summat special about it considering my own timing saw me pull sub 18 0-100s all day long, i like the 6.95 to sixty too!

cant wait to see the cockpit video, 18.7 to 100 with 2 passengers


Hi Mathew. The bloody software is coming up with a register message every minute AGHH !!!.. should have the D-cat reg number tomorrow to unlock it...

will update all info then, at the mo I cant use the thing !!..

CRAGGY (reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeSPECT )

I think that IS the run.. the time ends prior to the 100 mph.

Bloody good group.. we need to do this more often.. n ps, craggy oh fast, slick shiftin blue rocket


U missed a bloody good run over snake pass, we had a yump at 100+, I passed a traffic car parked up just as I was about to queue jump... oooooooops...

But, we had Mark.. this nutter came all the way from the smoke !!... yep, London...

and.. Mark... Nice car... great guy... would love to hook up again...

  BMW 320d Sport

Hmmm...interesting - that is one bloody quick Willy then.

The graphs seem odd because on a plot of speed against time, the gearchange points should be a lot more obvious than that, there must be a lot of smoothing on there or someones running full throttle gearchange and a shortshift mech. I would expect very noticeable speed drop off at every shift point - even a drop of 1mph between changes should show and there is only a slight change in the gradient of the curve from one gear to the next as well, not as much as you would expect to see from normal ratios spaced out as they should be.

I see your point nick. The graphs of our 0-60 and 1/4 mile runs from the revs day last year showed a clear leveling of the line at the point of gearchange. Was the meter properly calibrated for each cars weight and bhp taking into account amount of petrol etc? Strange one? Craggy respect for your willy mate
  mk2 172

it was definately calibrated for my car, maybe its different software or summat that u guys used

  mk2 172

joe, just looked at the msg in me phone, it was run 12 in the ap-22 that got 17.3, wonder if thats it or if thats the one where i slowed down before i got to 100mph cos i thought i was already goin that fast!, if it is i was doin alright,