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20,000 miles...... and counting

Darren S

ClioSport Club Member
Well, since buying my 182 from new in December 2004, I broke the 20,000 mile barrier today. The car itself has been faultless. It's not used a drop of oil, it's mpg is slowly but surely increasing and it still puts a smile on my face when I give it some beans.

Minor niggles include a few rattles, the usual washer-jet leak on the headlights, an unhealthy attraction of my rear tyres for sharp objects :mad: and the rear wiper blade rubber has split this week. Other than that, I can't complain. And for the original £12k I paid for it, I can't think of anything that would come close in terms of price and performance.

Well done Reno for making a great, all-round car. :D

  2015 ST2(MO)/CorsaLE
I was that impressed i bought another one - a bit newer!! Great Care for the money!
  133/225/CLS AMG
Had my 172 for two years from new and did just under 15,000 miles and only had a couple of very minor things looked at by Renault. Generally I'd say they are superb cars!! :D
  Turbo Beige
Mine has just clocked 35,000 since July 25th last year, thats 13 months boys and girls!!!!!!!!

Not a problem with it yet, not even any of the usual faults, and it hasn't been wrapped in cotton wool (especially with its 3rd ring trip this weekend!!!).
  Clio 172 mk2
Had mine a year and it's been a great little car.

TBH I haven't used it that much (3k put on) but the times I have been out for a blast in it have been very good:D
  BMW 535D
i bought mine in march with 17k on, now im at 20,660 :p had to top the oil up last month, traction control and cruise control keep playin up but hey who cares, still an ace little car!!