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2002 Mk2 172 Service intervals

Just took my car in for its 12,000 mile service today down at the yocal Renault Dealer Chimps. They still insist that my car isnt due for its first service until 18,000. Doh! But they kindly said that they will do a 1st service for me anyway if I insisted on it!!

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A bit worrying isnt it. I wonder how many people would have taken them at their word? A subsequent warranty claim at 15K would doubtless result in a refusal on grounds of not having followed the proper service schedule. Potential nightmare!

I had this problem to with Renault Manchester.

They insisted it was every 18000 miles and when I said Id had it serviced at 12000 they said it wasnt due another until 36000!

Only after they called me back after checking properly the service intervals did they discover it was in fact every 12000! Bloody typical of renault having to argue for 30 mins just to get your car serviced at the right intervals!

It nearly came to blows when I called for the appointment. It was almost as if I was trying to rob them of something!

Anyway - got the car back now. Heres what theyve done:

oil and filter change + 1 litre of top up oil (Didnt change air filter - not on service schedule?????)

Brake check 20% wear front 5% back - now this amazed me, after 2 track days and 1 airfield day. Cool.

General Safety check.

Fuel conditioner added to clean fuel pump and injectors.
Id be interested if anyones 1st service differed in anyway - I thought an air filter change was standard item swap at a service?

All in all it seems very little for 127 squid.



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Someone from the Edinburgh area had their 172 serviced a couple of weeks ago at Abercromby Renault, I wonder what they had done! Cant remember if it was Rentaghost or Towser. Perhaps if they read this they will let you know.

How can the air filter not be on the schedule???? Look in your service handbook Rich if you have it handy. I believe it tells you what needs doing.

How much did they charge you?


Thats what I thought. But the box isnt ticked that says air filter - also not been charged for one.

One problem I have at the mo is that my Service manual was lost by the supplying dealer - so I cant check the schedule!! Luckily they have ordered a new one for me - free of charge. How thoughtful of them!

Oh yeah you said how much they charged you derrrrr sorry. £127 isnt too bad for a 12k service if they had done everything. I will look in my book tomorrow and tell you what they should have done (which will include air filter).

OK from the service handbook....

Maintenance to be carried out every 18000 miles or 2 years except 2.0 16v, V6 and others. 172 12000 miles. Well we knew that bit....

List of operations to be carried out

Bodywork - Check body, wheel arches, openings etc

Engine - Oil change, Replace oil filter, Visual inspection of exhaust

Brakes - Visual check, check level of brake fluid/hydraulic clutch

Check levels and circuit tightness - Power steering, front and rear windscreen washer, cooling system

Steering / front and rear axles - Check bearing play/condition of rubber gaitors

Tyres - Check condition and pressure, visual inspection and tightness of shock absorbers

Equipment - Check bulbs, check status of battery charge, check condition of windscreen and door mirrors, check condition of wiper blades

Delivery - Check correct positioning of safety and service labels, computer fault finding

Next page....

Spark plugs 72k

Air filter 12k

Passenger compartment filter (if fitted) 12k

The mileage or time intervals indicated above for filters are the maximum deadlines which should not be exceeded.

Next page.....

Timing belt 72k or 5 years

Accessories belt 36k or 5 years

Petrol filter hmmm says 72k including V6 except Laguna blah blah Clio blah erm so when is a clio not a clio???

The mileage or time intervals indicated above for filters are the maximum deadlines which should not be exceeded.

Theres more but its all high mileage, 72k or long time

So there you go air filter is 12k


Hmm bit long that one wasnt it :eek:

Cos he paid the full price for a 12k service and they didnt do it.

Cheers Wayne - Jeeze - I bit your fingers were smokin after that! You say 127 squid is cheap for a 1 st service? How much did you pay on your previous 172?

Matt - Thats exactly what my form says. Not applicable.


Yeah smokin fingers :sick: £127 isnt cheap cheap in my experience but not bad. I paid between 120 something and 140 for minor services.


I take it you took your car to the Renault dealership on Sir Frank Whittle Road - where they any good? Didnt you also have that metallic rattle coming from your exhaust? Have you got that sorted out yet?

Mines due for 1st service very soon and Ill probably end up using that dealer.


Hitman - thats the one. I had no probs other than the receptionist almost refusing to service the car as it wasnt at 18,000 miles!

Although Stuman has had a few problems with them not fixing his washer bottle properly. I believe it took them 3 times to get it right!!

They have ordered a new centre section for the exhaust to cure the annoying rattle. Should be fitted sometime next week I hope. Sounds like a an angry bee in a tin can @ the mo.


Sorted under warranty I hope!

Best get mine to them before its starts sounding like yours.....

Also, do you know of any good places in Derby that will do smart repairs??


Quote: Originally posted by Captain Slarty on 02 October 2002

Jeeeeeeeez slugger.. its not a big deal . if the filter is clean,, why change it ???.
of course it matters - doesnt matter whether it appears clean or not!!! if the manufacturer says it should be done, then the garage should do it, and of course if it wasnt done they would say it invalidated the warranty if they could get away with it - that was a really dim comment if you ask me! would you pay Tescos for a loaf of bread that they didnt give you????? I think not!

Rich - my services have been somewhere around £130 for both 12k and 24k