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2009 Megane 1.5 ABS issue


ClioSport Club Member
  V6 Mk1, Golf GTI Mk5
Morning all

Hoping for some help, my parents own a 1.5 diesel Megane, 2009, mark 3 I think!

Been having an issue where the ABS and brake fault appeared. The battery was replaced but drained within less than 3 days. It is in the garage now where wiring was checked, some £100 lighter but it has come to light it is the ABS unit, this is also draining the battery.

However the garage want £900! The car is not even worth this.

I know buying a second hand one is not a great idea but I think if we can get another year or so out if it then that will do.

Can anyone let me know

1. does it need programmed in anyway?
2. is it labour intensive to fit?
3. any tips on a replacement? I have read somewhere the code on the unit needs to match with a replacement

Many thanks