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24k service Tomorrow

This will be fun....

I cant see them letting me leave without relieving me of £300.

Hope it isnt more than £500 though...........


  Shiny red R32

rjs1000, you are kidding of course! Our Beemer was a lot less than that for its service!


I cant believe it about:

£180 in total for the service & parts
£60 to check the AC - fill it with gas & find the leak
£35 new pollen filter
£176 - 2 new rear shocks (1 leaking) - sod that i will just have the one done
£250 new AC condenser & fitting parts
£110 for rear pads - I told them to piss off and leave my pads alone.

£810 £810 £810 £810 £810 £810 £810 £810 £810 £810 £810 £810 £810 £810 £810 £810




How long have you had the car !?!? Was none of that covered under warranty ?! Having said that my car is fortuately a company car on a maintenance inclusive contract and I reckon the leasing company have been billed for several thousand over the last 6 months with problems that have arisen....have loved it, but bloody glad that Im handing it back in 4 weeks...! I think you should write to Renualt and complain about the amount of work required considering the mileage - youd be surprised how effective a tenancious string of letters can be - a few stamps could result in some compensation...

I booked my mk1 172 in for a service, just turned 22000. Told them i wont need a fillter as i have an induction kit, also asked what oil they would put in and they told me that its castrol semi/synth oil. I was told it would cost £148.Im going to stick with mobil 1 oil. Hope i dont have any other problems like you mate.

None of it covered by warrenty. & I paid them to change the rear pads at the last service - which they obviously didnt do - as they are 50% more used than the front - also done at last service (sept 01).

Had the car since Oct 00 bought new from renault watford.

1 year warrenty - i believe it changed to a 3 year on the 16th oct 01 - 6 days after I bought mine...

Dont worry the website is on the way..... - & im going to make sure its rated on the search engines - maybe second to the actual renault one - heeheehee....