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2nd TDC sensor + TB resetting

I have a couple of questions which I am hoping people may be able to help with, the car is a 172 PH2;

1. Is there a second TDC sensor other than the one on the crank? If there is; is it the same part no. as the other one? What is it generally referred as? Is it as tempormental as the crank one?

2. If you replace the throttle body would you expect the new new one to be simple plug and play, or is it normal with the clio that some sort of parameter(s) would need resetting, or something done to settle it down? I heard that with some other manufacturers that it is not as simple as swapping the parts over. I got one off ebay as I suspect mine to be faulty but the replacement wanted to idle over 2k rpm.
The car has a rough idle and has had difficulty in starting on a few occassions. At the moment if i start the car press the clutch and rev to about 3k it sounds spluttery through the exhaust. Also the car has stalled whilst braking for traffic which is my biggest worry as the car is still moving without power aided to the brakes and steering.