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3 points!!! aaaaaarggggghhhhh!!!!

sorry just got to relieve some anger here, been driving for over for years, no claims no speeding tickets, until today!! just been driving down a nice stretch of road, very straight no houses near, used to be a forty until about two weeks ago, when out of some bushes jumped a little policeman, this guy was literally out of site until he stood up, what makes it worse is that this road comes directly from a 60 limit, and i was one of a line of traffic doing the same speed!!! i drive a modified car, so i guess thats why he pulled me over, i just get so annoyed, why dont they actually try doing some
POLICE WORK, instead of bothering us!! what makes it even worse was the way he was saying stuff like "good afternoon sir" and stuff like that when he pulled me over!!!! sorry just really felt like having a whinge!!!

what speed were you doing?

I got 3 points and fine for doing 35mph!!!!! anyone beat that??!


I got 3pts for doing 37 in a 30 which goes into a 60 about 20 metres from where i was - you could see the national speed limit sign from where some git with a hairdryer pulled me over!!! ...and this was 1 month after passing my test!! grrrrrrrr!

Completely forgot about this, but I was at the Leeds Carlsburg Festival last bank hol weekend and drove out of the guest camping (which is very near the site police headquarters) and a Ford Galaxy MPV thing started tailgating me. I waited until we were clear of the crowds and floored it around a corner up to about 70mph then slowed (eg: point proven!). To my suprise I saw this MPV coming round the same corner nearly sideways so I floored it again. Then I heard a funny wailing noise, looked in the mirror and I was being lit up with blue flashing lights!!!

I was very very lucky in that the coppers were looking for stolen cars and not speeders. They asked why I accelerated so quickly and I said it was because they were tailgating me, then this one copper looks at the side of the car and says "Ah, its a two litre - you were just showing off!". Then they all laughed, told me to slow down and buggered off! Strange, but true.

  Clio V6 255

I was driving on a duel road the other day, this black ford focus was in the outside lane, going 40, with nothing on the inside. Guy inside, so I think sod this and proceed up the inside going about 45ish not wanting to look like an idiot. get to the roundabout, the guy pulls up next to me in the outside lane shouts slow down and pulls out his traffic police badge!

I looked over, looked back, didnt say a word and drove off, I thought what an @rsehole, as he was clearly off-duty.

mate put your hands up, dont sl*g the police. you were speeding, maybe it wasnt that bad, but dont say that is the worst you have ever done.

i got caught just after a year of driving and it gave me a wake up call and my driving has improved dramatically since.

dont sl*g the police?? they could have pulled anyone of us in the line of traffic doing the same speed, (which by the way, was only 36) but they discriminated against me coz of my car, age gender etc, all im asking for is that everyone is treated the same
  BMW 320d Sport

I wouldnt take the heat for that if I were you. The rules are (now) that they have to be clearly visible from 60 metres in a 30 zone ( or something like 60m) and they are definitely *NOT* allowed to hide anymore and then jump out. I swear this is true, please dont be a sucker and hold your hands up to it, fight it all the way. I fight every single speeding and parking ticket I get, on every technicality I can find. Spend an evening trawling the internet for advice and write to them saying why you are not prepared to accept their ticket.

At least that way, even if you do end up with the points/fine, youve made them work for the money!
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just found out that I got caught doing 93mph down the A14. Not sure how many points or how much of a fine I will get yet. My boss got caught on the same strech of road doing 90mph...he got 3 pts and a £60 fine.

These will be my first points. Can anyone tell me how much thier insurance goes up with 3 pts on thier licence?
  Mr2 Roadster

I have been done twice but let off over ten times now, I must confess to speeding a lot, not in a dangerous way but late at night I regulary do 40-45 in 30s, we have wide roads, where I (and all the other drivers) are confident that this is a safe speed. I often get pulled just for a routine check as they see me going faster than the 30. But they are good boys most of the time, they check the car over ask for my docs, which I keep a copy of it all hidden in the car. They like that, they check it all, check the tyres, see the car is tidy and realise that I maintain it and arent just a speeding lout.

Just be nice to them, answer their questions, accept you get stopped and 99% of the time they tell you to be more careful and be on your way...
  The Jinx

Nonthing. I got 3 points and £60 fine for doing 91 on a Sat afternoon on the M56, on a straight bit, with hardly any traffic, and it was warm and dry. Stupid eh?

on my regular journeys into london in my last year of university i had a 100% strike record for getting pulled over.

The reason -- "listen mate u were doing some very strange driving back there and were clearly speeding cos we couldnt keep up with you unless we accelerated hard".

unfortunately the way london is you have to drive like a nutter to get anywhere fast.

Solution - was polite answered all questions ....

Result - Ok sir thank you for your time, keep the speed down and you may continue your journey.