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3 year warranty

  Megane R26

Spoke to the service department in my local dealer today (Renault Croydon), and they are aware of the 3 year warranty and he said that any car on a Y reg or newer is now covered by the 3 year warranty. I wondered if after getting my letter from Renault customer services, the warranty information had filtered through to the dealers, and it looks like Renault are finally getting their act together over this warranty.


I assume we are talking about imports ?

To the people who sent off information to Renault about the 3 year warranty, did they receive anything back on this or is it just a case of giving in your reg number when you take your car in and they should have it down as a 3 year warranty ? What I am saying is do you have to send off these documents to be eligible ?

is belgium in the eu??

this sounds like a silly question i know but i just got of the phone to renault uk to clear up a dispute i had with my local renault dealer over the warrenty on my 2002 renaultsport clio. my dealer said i only had a 1 year warrenty but alot of people have been talking about 2 and 3 years on here.

so i decided to call renault uk with my chassis number to ask for something in writing to clear up where i stand. but renault being renault just made it worse. apparently because my car was registered after january 1st this year it has a two year warrenty as it is an import, but they then told me that if it is an eu import it would have a 3 year warrenty! so i was wondering why my belgium sourced import which was made in belgian doesnt qualify as an eu import??

when i asked renault uk, all they could tell me is that when the put my chassis number into their computer it tells them how many years im entitled to! but they cant tell me what makes an eu import different to mine!

can anyone help??



Belgium is in the EU, and in fact they held the presidency of the EU last year.


(Ok, the fact was completely irrelevant, but it was just on the site that I found)

WOW! Just called Renoir UK and they keyed in my vehicle reg and told me I had a 3 year warranty starting from 9/2001 - although I received the car 1/ what do I glad that I have loads of free warranty or try and push for the full three years from 1/2002.........

Looks like the Dutch dealer Jam Jar to potentially pre-registered the car after the order was finally placed..

  Megane R26

Post an E-mail address, and I will send you a copy of the letter I got back from Renault stating that my Belgium imported 172 has a 3 year warranty.


Hi Rick

can u send me a copy of the letter too please, my email address is
i had another conversation with my dealer which ended on a sour note having told him what renault uk told me about it being either a 2 or 3 year warrenty.



fanx for the confirmation and fact Roamer will point it out to renault uk next time im on the phone to them which sounds like it could be quite soon


Hi Rick

just got of the phone to renault uk, mate u are a life saver!!!!! sorted it out with them and my local dealer now. I hae a 2 year manufacturing warrenty on my car but if i register it with the customer services department at renault uk i can change it to a 3 year warrenty which consists of of a 1 year manufacter warrenty + a 2 year dealer network warrenty!!!!

i think i witnessed a miracle today too , cos i also got an apology from the dealer who said that he wasnt aware of the warrenty changes and options and apologised for messing me about for the last week or so!!!!

fanx again mate


RM, you have already sent me the letter from Renault so thanks for that. It states on the letter that you have to take all of the documents with you when you have warranty work carried out, is this the case or should they have it all on computer ?
  Silver Fabia vRS

Does anyone know where I will stand on this? I think my car was registered by the Dutch (Jam Jar) dealer in September 2001 although I didnt receive the car until the end of November.

It is a 51-reg but I have a V plate personal number on it, so when Reno run it through their comp it wont show up I guess?

Should I write to customer services or just ring them?


they told me that u need to snd a opy of the documents on the letter to the address on the bottom in Rickmonsworth and that all they need to up date your warrenty infomation on the dealer network computers.



  Shiny red R32

Geoff, did you put your personal number on your car immediately you bought it, or was it previously issued with the 51 plate? If it had the 51 plate on it, this number will always be held by the DVLA and not used on another vehicle.

If at some time you sell your car and transfer the personal number to another vehicle, the original number will be re-issued to your car again.

I have a personal number and when I bought my new 172, the dealer got confused with numbers so I let them go ahead and issue my car with a 51 number and swapped it myself. When I had some warranty work done, I had to tell Renault what the original number was, as this number and not the one which is actually on my car, is the number held in their records.

The guy at the dealer explained to me that the 51 number would always be kept to go back on my car, should I sell it later and want to take my own number off the car.

Hope this helps.

Just to add my call to renault to the confusion

They just took my reg number and other details...and said if its UK car, it would be 1 year manufacture warranty and 2 year dealer warranty (said there isnt much difference)

On my car (dutch/EU import), its got a 2 year manufactures warranty...

Go figure!!

Now im off to call motorpoint for a word!


So whats the difference between a manufacturers warranty and dealer warranty in terms of getting your car fixed ( When it starts to rattle after 5 miles on the clock ) ??

as i understand it from my chat with renault uk, a manufacturers warrenty means u can get your car looked by any garage not neccesarily a renault one within that 2 year period. the 3 year warrenty means that it has only 1 year of the above warrenty and the other 2 years are reliant on you getting your car serviced and fixed at a renault dealer. i think this is how it works

  Megane R26

Hi Geoff,
If you can wait till monday when I go back to work, I will E-mail you the letter from Renault then.

  Megane R26

Hi Wallisj,
If your car was built after October 17th 2000,and purchased within the EU, you are eligible for the 3 year warranty

  Silver Fabia vRS

I can wait until Monday RM...cheers in advance.

GR - It was registered in my private plate although it would have been a 51-reg.

Ok then...does someone have a letter/email that says that if the car is built after 2001 u get the 3 years...renault told me otherwisae this morning.



renault told me i have only 1 year warrenty
my car was bought this 2002 in march
but was pdi in country of origin on dec 27 2001
both my local dealer and renault cus ser
tell me i have only whats left of a 1 year warrenty,is this right or not

also can whoever has the letter from renault uk etc
please e-mail me it

i know this debate has been going on for a while,thanks
  Scirocco GT TSi DSG

I have contacted Renault on several occassions, as I was the first to be informed of the three year warrenty and started all the debates. You are definately entitled to a two year warrenty according to EU law. Renault also offer a three year warrenty on all imports i will forward my latest e-mail from Renault to you if this will help.