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306 hdi

  Toureg vW Transporte

ok guys there is some lad on one of the threads, whose trying to tell people that his 306 hdi would piss on a valver..... mmm i think not. will he? a simple yes or NO will do


  Shiny red R32

My S16 Pug would have! My personal mechanic had tweeked it rather a lot!

I dont know anything about an HDi.


In standard form, something like 90bhp and stats similar to that of a 1.2 Clio. This dude seems to have a moded one with 118bhp and 225lb/ft of torque - Id like to see the RR graph!
  (ex-2.0 Hybrid)CorradoVR6

I used to have a 306 hdi 2.0. My mate also used to have a clio 16v and there is no way I could even dream of beating him. Its more of a cruiser, with a nice relaxing drive nothing more. My 1400 is quicker.

i think the funnier one(got me very worked up on there forum) is some absoloutely annoying little sh*t who claimed his 106gti beat a williams......................on CORNERS!!!! in a straight line it could happen, but on corners????:mad:

I had 2 x 306 d turbos and nope they wouldnt and the HDI is slower than the d turbo proven

In stock form in a race .........................NO.........but tuned maybe something cause the dturbos rather than the hdis are good for close to 150.......serious tuning.oubt if they would beat a valver

The one i had with just an induction system and exhaust sytem was good for 123mph flat out so i seriously doubt if they would beat a valver even if they were seriously modded.......but u cant beat 50mpg and filling a car for £7
  Zafira and GSXR

We well soon see wont we. I am going to meet both Bens to have a laugh one Saturday. I think you will all be surprised my HDI isnt as slow as you lot think.

I can supply RR graphs if you want to prove BHP & Torque.
  (ex-2.0 Hybrid)CorradoVR6

Well its slow in standard(mums now got one) so unless youve spent big money on its not even gona pull the skin off a rice pudding.

HA HAA YOU tw*t!!! it is a DIESEL for crying out loud, its not even a powerful one at that, 90bhp????? even if yours has been tuned to i reckon 160bhp to beat a valver you would have serious reliability issues with a car that has almost double its intended power. who are you trying to kid?
  Kangoo 70 DCi +
  Kangoo 70 DCi +

yes the car is very reilable, as a diesel is very strong and as they dont rev past 5k there is not much extra load put on the engine. there a 4 150 bhp plus hdis in the uk and servel more in europe which all go alot of miles with no problems at all. one is even used everday as a driving school car!

oh yeah, can you see the torque DYING at 4000revs? when you race, do you shift at 4000?:D

And by the way, its not just the engine that will be strained. how do your;




brakes etc. deal with all that extra power? not very well is the answer
  Kangoo 70 DCi +

if you think your valver has some power bring it to a dyno matey or even better come to brunters and ill show you how fast it really is. im not one of these people who goes to cruisers and crap like that. i prepare rally cars in my spare time, and ive never even timmed my car but its pretty fast. my friend in denmark has time his on a drag strip it can do 14 second 1/4 miles so it aint that slow!
  Kangoo 70 DCi +

the car has an up rated clutch which is rated at 320 ftlb, this is the only week point on the drive line. the brakes on a 306 Hdi are the same as a S16 any way but mines got groved and drilled discs all round and mintex C-tech 1144 pads

im not doubting that at all. i have no doubt that a car with that much power and torque is quick, but you have all seemed to change your tune, yesterday it was a 118bhp diesel that had beaten a 16valver or two, now 170bhp?

if i WASTED money on doubling my engines output it would cane every single one of your diesels.

GTI-6 wannabes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  Kangoo 70 DCi +

i think the big problem here is how does your ego handle the fact that your valver may be beaten by a derv!

and what about driveshafts? gearbox? only a matter of time my friend

what i need to know is why not just start off witha gti-6? thaat has 167(?)bhp in standard trim with the right gearbox and driveshafts to cope with it.

same with a clio 16v, 137bhp and reliable.

i could stick a turbo on mine 2moro and piss all over your fire, doesnt make my car reliable though

nah mate, been beaten by many cars before, i can take it. thing is i have a pretty much standard 16v, you would beat mine with 170bhp and 300lb/ft torque. you would not come close to me however if i had spent as much money modifying my engine as you
  Kangoo 70 DCi +

i never said a 118 bhp one would that was neil. im just said a HDi was not fast or tunable to 170 bhp.

and Gti-6 wanabes! lol i could have a GTi-6 if i wanted one but they only have 140 ftlb of torque and do around 25mpg if your lucky. the diesels make a good drivers car as they are fast without having to stir the gear box all the time.

only 140lb/ft torque?????? did you not claimt o know about cars?

ok, would you rather 300lb/ft below 400rpm, or

140lb/ft after 4000rpm, i know which i would choose. your car will beat anything in first possibly second when you manage to use your low down torque, after that your fighting an up-hill battle and you know it
  Kangoo 70 DCi +

torque is the real measure of power, bhp is just the speed at which its made.

the gti-6 has only 140 ftlb, and in order to get any were near 300 it would cost more than you could even think!

the hdi has stronger gear box and drive shafts as it has more torque than a gti-6 standard, this is why a HDi clutch is the same size as a cosworth clutch at 238mm.