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32-37" TV ideas

  S3, Polo
Now I realise there's another thread on TV's on this same page, but let me start by confessing that I have no idea if quality varies in manufacturers model ranges according to size? On the basis that it DOES, I'm looking for a 32-37" (no larger because our chimney breast would be dwarfed by a 40"+ TV!).

Our 32" Sony LCD is a good few years old now and starting to show its age - upscaling/ compression artefacts/ contrast ratio etc. are all below par and are making my eyes bleed with SD TV. A friend has a new Samsung that I was very impressed with. When I enquired about the model (he's a heathen) he said that the box just says "Rose Black"! Hmmmm...

Our current TV performs admirably - 1080i/ 60hz - for PS3 duties, it's just the SD/ BluRay performance that is now bothering me.

If I can find a sensibly-priced (sub-£500) replacement, it'll get consigned to just gaming duties.

Obviously, I'd love one of the new LED 600hz beauties, but obtaining one in-budget is not going to happen within the law...

Not really got any ideas where to start other than to visit Richer Sounds and see what tickles my fancy - and ask you guys! :)

These seem reasonable:


Slightly out of budget, but may be worth the stretch?

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LG i have and wouldnt change. 1080p in sky and sarxbox looks amazing. Sound is decent too. Has audio in for the tele so run a surround system off the tele direct.

There cheap too at the moment although the new led tv's look amazing.
i have the 37lg6000 the one before the 7000 and its agreat set never had a single issue with it no matter what i have used it for

best way go to a decent shop and look at well set up tv's not currys or what ever that just plug them in then wack the contrast and stuff right up