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4 inch speakers - price point vs quality

  Clio 172, Jaguar XJR
I'm a little confused, im a bit of a noob to any kinda car audio stuff but I need a set of speakers for the front and rear of my project car.

The car is a dolomite sprint.

You can only fit 4 inch speakers in the front , 6.5 inch in the rear shelf.

I've got an excellent amp to drive it all but is it worth amping the front 4 inch speakers?

Anyway – price point wise the bottom two seem better rated ( RMS and Max Power ) than the Rockford Fosgate stuff.

What are you buying – what is the difference and would the RF stuff sound better.

If not – what do you chaps suggest.


Higher end

Mid Range ( ish)
  1.2 Clio Campus
The Fli's look pretty good looking at the specs only problem is that with only them in you'd miss out on low end/ some of the mids :/
  Listerine & Poledo
Provided you use plenty of sound deadening and such, any of those will come out roughly the same.

Your amp may be a big strong for any of these though, depending on how powerful it is.

concerns about mid-bass can be put aside with an underseat / behind the set sub