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4th gear at readline

me and my mate both have k reg clio16V

when we hit the redline in 4th gear his speedo reads 120mph

and my speedo reads 110mph has any1 got any ideas whos right ????????

i never pusjed my valver that high though, so dont take my word, but that only leaves 7mph for 5th gear to do if it is 120.....

is your car chipped or your mates chipd

are you both on std wheels.

my car does this in the following gears. my car on 17" full stage 2 inc chip

40 in 1st

70 in 2ndin 5th

100 in 3rd

125 in 4th

143+ in 5th

not saying these are true speeds or anything but this is what my speedo reads when limiter cuts in in each gear


Speedos are almost always inaccurate by that speed. 140mph on the clock is likely to be nearer to 130-135.

danny boy

those figs are for my fettled 16v

spec as follows full hill power stage 2

zorts and de-cat

performance filter in oe box

gas flower ported head

ported manifold zorst

ported inlet manifold

piper 270 fast road cam set to hill power spec

alloy vernieer

black diamond clutch

magnicor leads

chip and raised limiter

143 is officially the best ive got out of my valver. this was on the m40 on way to french car show when i decided to race leigh F then std willy. he was bouncing off limiter at 138 and i cruised past at 143. think it would of pulled 2-5 mph more but the revs were already way over 7k


Ive had a true reading of 132.34mph out of mine, from a standing start over a distance of just under two miles!

Cant remember what the speedo said as i was to busy looking out for the corner!?!


danny boy

cheers mate. alreay know my car is fast if not faster then my 172.dont kinow wether to do the 2.0 bottom end to get it to 140 a bit quicker lol


thats good mate. what you think yours will do with enough road


LOL!!!!! Doesnt matter, the valver kicks ass! And i cant say much, i was drivin my mums car not so long ago, and i was beggin!, although it was an fto and an 18yr old rolin iin one of them aint bad!


I had over 140 indicated on the clocks, Just! Dont forget my rev limit is lower than yours cos of the 2L bottom end.


danny boy

yeah maye at the mo the 172 is std. but im sure it wont stay that way for long. my bro is gonna buy if off my mum so who knows.