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55 Profile Tyres...

  172 PH1

Ph1 172. Lightly modified.

Obviously, standard we use 195/50/15s - but I got given a nearly new set of Bridgestone Potenza RE01-R' in 55 profile - Which got fitted.

They grip nicely, and wear well. So quite pleased.

Now comes the time i look at my suspension, handling etc - Eibach Sportlines have just been purchased etc.

BUT what i want is you guys opinion if you think im wasting my time a bit, running on a 55 profile tyre, i.e. too much side wall flex etc? Having never driven a 172 on 50 profiles, i have nothing to compare too. The car doe sometimes seem a little floaty, but IMO thats just down to worn shocks/old springs.

Would you guys still run on them AND if so, what tyre pressures for fast road?

  Lotus Elise
you need to consider the fact the car was never designed to run 55 profile tyre. It will have a negative effects on the vehicle dynamics but to what degree I dont know.

Will make it more comfortable mind.
  172 PH1
Yeah, tricky really, hense my asking....

Not sure whether to stick with them, or get T1Rs in the 50 profile which i can get for £124 for all 4.

Shame to waste these though, but as you say - im unsure of the negative effects they 'might' have.

Need a tyre guru :(
  182/RS2/ Turbo/Mk1
Just use them as they are already on there, then later on when you swap to 50 profile once they are worn out it will improve very slightly.
  Golf GT & A4 Avant
Being a bigger profile maybe up the pressure a fraction in the fronts to try and stiffen up those sidewalls. But in real world driving, unless you're a driving god I doubt the majority will notice much of a difference