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55 reg arctic 182 @ reg vardy middlesbrough today

  BMW 535D
car was lowered and had a wicked exhaust on it, waved at me as they left.

was nice car, would like to know what exhaust it had on it :)
  Mk2 V6, MK1 Track Sl#g
hiya chris, it was me, its me blue flame that i eventually fitted, was gonna stop have a chat but was on a misson, trying to get me valver to run and having no joy at min
  BMW 535D
lol u shudda stopped, very nice car mate, given me a few ideas ha ha ha

i popped down to see if they'd swap my car for the black 182 they had lol, but my cars in much better condition so i left it
  Mk2 V6, MK1 Track Sl#g
i had a few bits to do mate otherwise i would have stopped, will have to meet up with ya and go for a run somewhere