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5th on the limiter

Managed to (genuinely) by mistake hit tghe limiter in the Clio today, thing is, I was in 5th! Didnt actually realize I was going fast until it kicked in! Now I wasnt looking at the speedo cos I was too busy overtaking a very unhappy BMW (now I know why) but the other half rekons it was 125 (felt more like about 100 if that, which is why I hit limiter :oops:)

Does anyone know what speed I WAS doing? Car is on 17s and we were going slightly downhill but Im still chuffed (but a bit worried in case I have caused damage)

I have daily experience of this! Its 6250 90% of the time, although bizarrely mine occasionally gives me 6500. In 5th Ive had almost 7000RPM when my car was new (speedo showed 128), on a downhill with a tailwind! But now I cant even get it to the 6250 mark.

on the way back in ym new valver i hit the limiter in 5th and thats touching an indicated speed....dunno...

had loads of puff left so more rpm please! lol

you must of been flying!
  Was a Clio 1.8 16v

In a 16v i think its not hard to hit limiter in 5th if your trying cause of the power but a 1.2 would have too much drag to do it! Wouldnt it? :eek:
  CTR EK9 turbo

Hmmm, mines touching 142 or thereabouts at 6500 rpm, with another 700 rpm to go! i might make a bullet-shaped bodykit for it, or just wrap my car in a giant condom and see what i can achieve, at least ill be practising it safely.....
  2004 Clio 1.2 16v

so is it alright to rev the b****cks off of the car it doesnt cause damage?!!?!?!?! i only ever take it just over 5000rpm shud i take it further???
  Clio 197

5000RPM is barely cruising speed here. Usually over 6000 for long stretches. Funny how these rev limiters work though. I took a photograph of mine at about 6700RPM after seeing damn near 7000 accidentally...

Study the torque and horsepower curves of your particualr model to decide whether revving pays off. The key is the drop when you shift up. You want to be in the meaty part of the curve and sometimes shifting a bit short will actually help.

my torque curve stays level all the way to 7000rpm :D drops at 7200rpm though. I believe thats quite high for a valver.

My torque arrives at 5000rpm and plateaus until 7000rpm.

Ive never hit the limiter in 5th. Ive had just over 130mph at 6500rpm - so about another 1000rpm to go - but I doubt itll go much faster than that!

My old 1.2 used to do "115mph" according to the mega-dodgy speedo. Book top speed was 100mph - so it was all very suspect. Judging by that experience, Id advise caution when talking about top speed figures based on speedo readigs.:D

Incidentally, the 1.2 would go as fast in 4th as it would in 5th! 115mph in 4th in a 1.2?? Ha ha! My Valver wont do that!
  Revels Mum & Sister

On my valver. I have hit the limiter only once. Bit scared to push. HAd it showing nearly 8,000RPM Although mine is about 400RPM out. Discovered this when I fitted the Concept 300. When I was setting Intellistart with the laptop and clifford datacable.


ClioSport Club Member
  Clio v6

Quote: Originally posted by Fred2001Dynamic on 16 March 2003

Never had mine on the limiter in 5th, it just wont do it!!! 5500rpm = 120mph (on the clock)
Never got to the limiter in 5th (too scarey) when I had a 172. Not seen the light in 6th yet.
  Was a Clio 1.8 16v

16v engines are rev happy anyway so theres no way that changing early in a NA car like the 16v will make you sprint any quicker Eddd. Your point only really applies to Turbo cars and 16vs only if you de-limited it.

A chip lets the engine go to 7800 revs which gives it a quicker 1/4 mile so if it was beneficial to change before limiter, surely a superchip would optimise fueling and not bother extending rev range.


ClioSport Club Member

my car wont hit the limiter in 5th very easily tried it today but you need a traffic free road

still 115mph is easy
  Range Rover, GTC, LP640

SO LOW-I have done the same-down hill bit near batley ont way to ceck up on superchip and didnt hit the limiter but got a good 130MPH with huge wheels and modded engine ha ah fun


ClioSport Club Member
  Clio v6

Quote: Originally posted by tomclio1.2 on 17 March 2003

hilly 130mph?

no mate the gearing wont allow it
"130MPH with huge wheels "

Maybe the speedo is out?

Yeah, i doubt our cars will go over 120 anyway, theres only so much 75bhp can do. Max power isnt where max revs is remember.


ClioSport Club Member
  Clio v6

Maybe its because Im N Irish that I say maybe instead of "perhaps the speedo is out"

Possibly? :)

Anyways I see Renault quote the top speed for a 1.2 16v as 106mph. Now we all know going over this is (maybe), but to get right up to 130mph? is that (perhaps )?


ClioSport Club Member

lol sorry i just get annoyed when this happens 130mph is not possible

I have had a race up to 125 on my speedo when the car was still fairly new (now I have no power, my cars knackered!) against an MR2 (both cars on standard wheels), and his speedo had showed over 125 as well, he was astonished to say the least! His car was topping out at almost the same speed as mine! He can get 130 but he was just edging past me really slowly.

I should add that it was on a traffic-free M-Way, in clear visibility and that we werent doing those speeds for any excessive length of time before I get my ears bashed for irresponsible speeding, as always seems to happen!! lol. My mate sold his MR2 soon after that, needless to say, and bought a Scooby! but to this day, he will always acknowledge that my car is fast (for a 1.2!)

Surely he got to 125mph about 5 minutes before you did?

The new stretch on the A130 is good for a high speed run. Nice new tarmac, no cameras, hardly any traffic, you can see far into the distance, nice bit of road.

Well, yeah, he held back for me cos we were testing our relative top speeds! I didnt actually race him acceleration-wise to 125mph or I would probably have lost sight of him!