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A 172 cannot beat...... :o) audi RS6. Obvious i know but you have to experience the toasting before you fully understand how DAMN fast these things really are!

I was on a stretch of by pass at the weekend on my way to lakeside with an almost empty car and with the optimax needle on the red.

First round about i saw some estate approach quickly so i just thought id accelerate a bit quicker as the road was empty and put some distance between us, i tried quite hard but this thing didnt move so i thought next round about ill hammer it (yes i know its childish but we were on empty dual carriage way)

Any way i take the round about full pelt slipping the clutch in 2nd to keep the revs up (not sure if thats the best way to do it as i havent done a track day) and gave it all i could untill i got to 3rd. The silver estate looked as if it had stopped at the round about but then is suddenly launched, and i mean LAUNCHED!
I know i should have been looking where i was going but just to see how fast this thing went from being tiny to filling the the whole mirror and then dissapear as he comes up to the door was amazing. He pulled in behind me and only then did i see his persponalised plate that had RS6 on it :D


Sorry about that i just really had to share it with someone b4 i burst :oops:
  Clio 197

Ouch. Slipping the clutch in 2nd gear? You really dont want to be anywhere near the clutch except when shifting.

Get some driver education and youll find that you can have even more fun with the 172 than the guy in the big Audi. And for a lot less money.

The RS6 is quite fast but not necessarily that much fun. It is heavy and likes to go in a straight line.

Very fast in a straight line, but a good hot hatch like a Willy/16v/172/106/205 would give it a headache on the A/B-roads.

Curiously, Ive still to come across anything thats really blown me away - apart from some Jap motorbike off the Severn Bridge tolls. 0-60 in 3/4 seconds I think! Made me look silly!

At least theres bound to be loads of people on the Nova/Corsa websites saying "wow - that Clio 172 really showed me how fast it was". Everything is relative!

...and IMHO something like an RS6 has no real soul...bring back the old Audi 20v short wheelbase coupe!

those estates!!! damn fast, a clio of any sort could not keep up....end of story.

when racing (illegally in HK) i almost wrote off my clio (very silly i know) and there were 12 cars, mostly clios.....but at the RS6......not even trying.