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A bit of help please (insurance)

Hi there,

Im new to Cliosport so would start of with saying hi everyone, but anyways down to the point. My mum is going to be getting me a hp clio in her name (Clio 1.2 world series i hope if not 1.2 3 door) but will be my insurance as it will be my car just wondered if anyone could help me out with insurance?

Tryed calling Quinn but still haven't got back to me yet but was wondering if any one would recommend anyone? Am 17 just past my test 2/3 weeks ago and am currently on my dads 06 volvo s40 2.0 and am only £126 a month :)

Any help would be much thankful



ClioSport Club Member
Re: A bit of help please

im with admiral im 18 been with them since 17 and on my 03 1.2 16v clio its £772 a year with my mum on it

adrian flux are also good

hope this helps
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the vehicle being registered in someone elses name will load the premium, the name on the V5 is the KEEPER of the vehicle, not necessarily the owner.