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a break at the lakes............

  mk2 172

been on a little holiday at the lake district these last few days(came back a little early actually), but what can i say about some of the roads, wow!, been a chance to give the car some hammer and it was a rite laff, especially in the morning, saw a williams near windemere too, also a cup but i cant remember where, the highlight was a race with a 205 XS or something with nice wheels and lowered suspension, was a rite hoot, on my favourite road of the place. its the road on the east side of lake windemere runs all twisty for ages but its up hill a lot too, then for the twist descent too! you can have so much fun even sticking to the limit, kept getting away from the pug then staying at limit and hed catch me on straight. but all around is some top roads, just get there when theres hardly anyone about. oh yeah, the roads about 7 miles of driving pleasure. btw the place is scooby and audi "S" territory, loads of them about.

  320d M Sport

hehehe! I txtd Rhys last night to arrange a meeting (not so i can show off BTW), just to see the differences, i know the VTS isnt slow.. and with your newly acquired Cliosport award you may just pip it......then again....;)
  mk2 172

somehow i dont think so:D, hmmmmmm 0-100 in 17 vs 0-100 in 22 vs 0-100 in 21. hmmmmmmmm let me see, think ill come last somehow