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A/C on 172!

By running your A/C you increase the fuel consumption due to the fact that the compressor (used to pump the gas) is hiched up to your engine via a belt!

So in theroy this will increase your 0-60 time too!

you can tell when you swich the climate control on an the engine tone dips! this is the compressor engaging!

So next time your out racing remember to swich off the A/C! lol

Having the climate control on and having the a/c on are two completely different things though - although often linked. The climate control will turn the a/c on if required - i.e. if you set a low temperature target that it needs to meet, or you hit the demist button. But if you punch 26C in (like I do most journeys to work!), it just varies the temperature and fan speed to get to and maintain 26C - just like you would do manually in your cup!

I can honestly say that in the 2 months Ive had my 172, Ive had climate control on continually and its never lit the a/c light (except when demisting on the driveway) - I did test it by dialling 16C in, and the a/c light soon lit up!! In the summer itll be a different story though ;)

Weyland being a bit blunt there but yeah, it can sap between 5-10% of engine power though to be fair i havent noticed much difference and my car only has 75bhp.

Ive noticed it, and I always forget to switch it off (except when on track - damn it gets hot in there). If youre flooring it and hit the demist button the car just looses power and its very noticable.


  Audi TT Stronic

Yes, by using the air con, I think it removes moisture from the air and allows for quicker demisting, infact I know it works quicker cause when I used the demist I was well impressed.

Instead of sitting for hours watching it slowly demist it dissapears in seconds.

Oh btw, I already knew that air-con saps power from your engine and uses more fuel, for one thing it tells you in the owners manual.
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On some cars the ECU will kill the air-con when you floor the throttle. Dont know whether the 172 does this though.

If you want to test a car where AC KILLS!!!! performance take out a Ka and start cruising at 55. Now turn on the AC and front and rear demisters.

lol the speed drops below 50 straight away :eek:)


Mike its climate control in the clios so doubt that would be the case but would be useful, many car mags admit their tests arent reliable as they left aircon on.

I have to say i havent noticed a loss of power when air con is on in the 172 , but last summer on holiday in Spain we hired a Ford Ka and there was a VERY noticeable difference when aircon was on/off.

Maxed out without aircon we could do about 160 kmh, when switched on, only managed about 140ish !!
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its the same in a standard non-a/c car if you drive with the windows down, the drag effect of air going into the car reduces speed.

to get the best 0-60 have windows fully up and air con off