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A Cable Wireless router?

Hey all,
I'm after some advice on which router to get. It is for use on NTL Cable (not ADSL). Now, do I get one with a built in cable modem, or do I get a wireless router that connects to the exisiting cable modem or what? I'm all

It is basically to share the broadband with a Dell Laptop.

Cheers for any advice ppl,
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Well i've have NTL cable and have that plugged into a Linksys Wireless router, have had this setup for 3 years now and no problem, signal is great round the whole house.
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they've got good linksys routers on at good prices too.

im on ADSL but got a netgear wireless for £70 and its been fooking brill :D
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any cable router should be fine with it, as long as it has a rj45 port on yer cable modem theres no problem.

as for built in modems not much point since all cable providers over here give u free modems and usually replace for free when they break
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I routed my telewest around the house over the weekend with a Linksys wireless router, but it also has 4 cable slots too for connecting pc's directly. It was so easy, pluged the cables in as directed and ran the cd-rom. It took a matter of mins. Got it from PC World for £60, lastest model. Works a dream and and a real bargin considering it was so easy to set up :D
OK ppl, thanks for all your comments. I have decided to go with the LINKSYS WRT54GSUK. It seems very good and only £55. They already have an NTL cable modem with ONE RJ45 ethernet jack so i'm hoping this will work. Can anyone confirm this?

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Aye, it will work. I haven't seen a router with a built in cable modem, and it wouldn't work anyway. Only NTL supplied modems will work on the network (unless you know a few tricks, but that's another story ;) ). Just remember to power the modem off and on once you connect it, or it won't work!