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a decent garage in essex

As i have posted that my clutch cable has just snapped, i appreciate that not every one is interested which is im posting this,

I live in Romford (essex) and i am in need of a decent garage who can do my clutch cable,

going by past experiences working on it is a joke,

how hard is to do my self (ive got a haynes manual and its 1 star)

any names & numbers appreciated.



I managed to do mine myself with a bit of help from my brother.

The best piece of advice is to tie a piece of string to one end before you pull the old one through! This way you have the routing already sorted out when you go to fit the new one with the string reattached to the end of it!

Their a bit of a pig to get the rubber to seat in the bulkhead so spray a little wd40 on it to help!

Hope this helps!