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A few pics of my car (172 Ph2)

  172 Ph2
Hi, here are a few pics of my standard Clio Sport 172 in Iceberg Silver.
The rear lights were already on the car when I bought it :-( I added the clear side repeaters though.









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mate theres a set of std Ph2 lights in the parts for sale section - get on and buy them as soon as possible.
  172 Ph2
Thanks everyone! Yeah I know the rear lights are shocking and I hate lexus style lights more than most people. I'm not a ClioSport member so can't view the for sale board, but would love some standard rear lights if anyone has some for sale?

Austin-182: cheers mate, the clear side repeaters were from Ebay and were less than £20
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Looks good apart from the rear lights but you're canging them anyway :)

What camera are you using? the pics look good
It looks nice apart from the rear lights (you know that though) ebay is ok for standard rear lights, you'd look to pay about £30 all in (inc bulbs & holders etc)
  172 Ph2
Thanks guys, I am looking to buy some standard rear lights this week as I'm fed up of my car's chavvy appearance from the back. My camera is a Nikon D40 by the way. Is only a cheap DSLR but it has more flexibility than most point and shoot cameras I've used.
  172 Ph2
cheers, for the time being I'm going to change the rear lights back to standard. I'm happy with the car even when standard but some of the things I'd like to do are: get some lightweight 16" wheels, get a Ktec exhaust with a small cut out on the bumper so the tailpipe is visible, and uprate the brakes.
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Will look the business when the std lights are on, but I would leave it as is mate! Your plans sound nice but imo they look so much better as they are nowadays. Uprate the brakes though. ;)
  172 Ph2
cheers mate, I agree with what your saying about keeping it standard. I'm sure I will do. Besides, the loud exhaust would annoy my neighbours! I would quite like some Speedline Turinis as it would still look OEM but they are expensive!
  ph 2, 172.
was just going to post about some rear lights being sold im sure but you've done it anyway lol!

car looks much better :) nice!
  172 Ph2
cheers mate, bought rear lights off Ebay and sold my old chav ones on Ebay too. As I sold the others, I only ended up spending around £10!