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A good quote

Got my first insurance quote from CIS... me as a named driver, with my mum, Dad is named driver.

Dad wil be driving it a lot to the station, but Il have it at weekends, so i think i can get away with not being the named driver.

Its a 1.4 16v dynamique, 6000 miles a year, nice post code, got quoted 2000 from norwich union...

CIS.... 650!!! much better! and aparently they dont need to know about cosmetic mods such as side skirts etc? is this the case? if not how much will it cost for exhaust, side skirts, front bumper, lowered, alloys??

Thanks for your hlpe.

Get your own insurance...........with Pass Plus should be no more than £1100 and that will tumble after the first year and continue.

Cya Stu
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How old are you clio-nut? Any no claims?

Try Insurers like Admiral, Bell Direct and Elephant, they tend to be reasonable for young drivers. But I would get a quote for you as the main driver and then out your parents as named on your plicy. You will then build up no claims.
  Ziel Nurburgring

Sounds a bit dodgy if they dont want to know about performance and cosmetic mods.

Get your own policy, much cheaper in the long run. Plus youll be driving illegally if your the main user of the car and your dads down as the the main driver.

cis only care about performance, you can do lowering and alloys etc etc

but they want to know about things like airfilters

cis have always been like this, however they seem to quote ok for first time drivers and then have always been sh!t for me since

thanks for the replys lads...

im 17 so thought this was quite good.... as me as main driver its coming out at around 2100 ... which is too much.

the car wil actually be shared, so dad can be seen as named driver.

do i not even need to tell cis about mods?

i was thinking of getting my own policy when im 18, hope to get a small discount as experience as a named driver, but wil probs take the hit then.
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Putting your dad as named driver on your policy should see it drop quite a bit. Only a certain few insurers add money to the premium for extra drivers. I would declare all mods. Or wait a year and then stick alloys etc on the car.

After the 1st year insurance goes down quite a bit, around 30%

Other tips for cheaper insurance are to do pass plus, park the car on the drive. Limit milage to say 7000.

Itll cost a lot now but be worth it in the long run. I pay under £800 on my 182. (group 16 insurance) Ive just turned 23 with over 4 years no claims now

^^^^spot on nelson...............Im 21 and my renewal for the Vee is £1057 (y)...........thats fully comp with 4years NCB.

Cya Stu

PS thats come down from £2540 after the first year :D

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^^^^^^well if you take out the insurance for the 1st year (£2540) and that has now dropped to £1057, a Vee is NOT that costly to really car has had 3 services the dearest was £144..............and it should only have had 1 at that time............although the timing belt (next year) will be about the £700 mark but thats only every 5years eh :D

Cya 21 :(

PS the costs for the services included £44 for oil which I now supply myself so that save me more than £30 per service!

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Whereyou based STU?

Im in kent, just wondered if Id seen you around. £1057 is very reasonable quote on a V6. I did a test quote the other day and got it down to £1100, maybe cos of different area I live in compared to you.

Which company you with?

No finance just went into hybernation for while and garaged my money :D

Although I did have an overdraft until I sold the NOVA :eek:.............keep your hair on I only swapped that for the R and sold it straight away did have a 2ltr red top though and it was also a 2seater ;)

Cya Stu

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Quote: Originally posted by nelson182 on 28 July 2005

Whereyou based STU?

Im in kent, just wondered if Id seen you around. £1057 is very reasonable quote on a V6. I did a test quote the other day and got it down to £1100, maybe cos of different area I live in compared to you.

Which company you with?

Im in Dundee nelson.............bought the car from a guy in Southampton..............and yeah your area is a DUMP :D

Cya Stu

PS Ill be with Elephant!

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Yeah kent does have is fair share of crime rates! But dont think my area is as bad as some. ELephant are pretty good too!
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HAHA, Im BR3, but to be fair none of my nieghbours are Pikeys, its just there are a lot of small areas within my post code that bring it down!

Never mind!

CIS dont care about most mods unless they say they increse pesrformance, for example K&N57i that increases your insurance by 2 insurance groups, meaning it would have cost me and extra £350 a year to fit a K&N onto my fiesta, but my decat, and full stainless steel custom exhaust, no change in premium. All you need to do is keep reciepts and photographs of the things on the car and advise them of the increase in value opf the car. Renewal quotes are crap tho. Im saving my self £350 on my renewal