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A Motor to be proud of...

  05 Clio 182 FF Blue
Purchased my Clio 182 on the weekend just gone, what a car!

Having read reviews on how to tell what type of Clio mine is, I'm still baffled!

Its an 05, has air con, dark grey alloys, metallic blue, half leather, a small cup badge on the door and front light washers.

Could anyone help me understand what model it is?

Cheers Vaccs


ClioSport Club Member
  Mint 1*2's for sale-
Id go for a racing blue 182 cup with the cup seats replaced with FF seats



  Integra Type R DC2
A further pointer would be whether OP's reference to "air con" means air con or climate control?
  05 Clio 182 FF Blue
Sounds like a 182 FF. Pics would help to determine correctly.

some pics.








ps. sorry about the upside down pic :clown:

before anyone asks, the cup badges are on both doors, ive chosen not to show that side of the car till i have the dents removed :rasp:

so what do you guys think?
  05 Clio 182 FF Blue
Cheers guys. must have been the previous owner who also added the chav gear knob, window tints and cone filter..... mind you the cone filter does sound rather tasty.
thinking of changing gear knob, while im at it maybe getting short shift gear link??

any words of wisdom?
I wouldn't personally. The JC5 gearboxes are known for being a bit s**t so I wouldn't take the risk by rushing the box with a short shift link if you plan on keeping it for any length of time.
  Renault clio 182
CSmember Austin-182 can make you a replacement gaitor in alcantara to match the material already in the car,he also uses alcantara to cover a lot of the plastic in the interior,A-pillars,handbrake cover,mirror cover.