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A Renault Clio killed my Lovelife!

My Girlfriend has dumped me, She says i love my car more than her and put forward the following points as to why im such a crap boyfriend....

*Im a sadcase for joining an owners club

*I always kiss my car goodnight but not always her

*I now only buy clothes that complement the cyclone blue upholstery and never wear anything that clashes.

*I called her a b**ch when i kerbed an alloy

*I am getting fat because i refuse to walk anywhere when i can drive my beautiful car

*I refuse to let her/anyone else drive it

*Whenever i see another Clio i cant help but inform her on which standard equipment it has/doesnt have in comparison to my car

Any advice on how i can win back my lady without neglecting my car would be greatly appreciated.


dude im already there!!! ha ha!! im fine with it. it shows how much women cost!! i have soo much more to spend on my car now!! plus if u were that goooood like me ;) , u still get the sex.... its all good!!

1- owners club. to meet new people. social thing. nothing wrong there.

2- so u should u can always get a new missus but at the price of a new car.. not so likely!

3- damn right

4- b**ch shouldnt have let u kerb the alloy

5- ha ha fat ass. do some excersice. theres no excuse for fat people. its just lazyness!

6- too right!

7- and the problem is?

ha ha ..... LOL...

Try this,

talk her in to joint buying a 172 with you, this then

1. gets you a great car

2. She belives that its also hers and will then love it as much as you !

an then lastly she might lighten up enouth for you both to have FUN FUN FUN !:D


  Shiny red R32


It is a good job that you dont have a V6 or a 172, because I dont think that your girlfriend / ex would even be allowed to sit in it, far less be allowed to drive it!!

Perhaps you will soon find someone who loves Clios and understands you!

Ha ha!!! LOL @ Lofty!

My girlfriend doesnt like cars and really cant see what the fuss is all about with a car like the 16v/Willy/172 etc.

I just keep it all to one side and work on my car when shes not around. That way she never has anything to moan about! I only use my car about once a week anyway!

My other half, has probably said all the things in the original post, but then out of the blue yesterday she called me a wannabe, as I have a 16v and not a Williams!!!
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my mrs hated all the car stuff im into but ive managed to mould her into a clio lover an she can now spot all the different ones, in fact she told me yesterday she saw 2 V6s when she was out with her mate
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Not nice Tim,

My gf is also not a great fan of me loving my car but when it comes down to it I guess Im not such a fanatic.

As for your comments

*I just havent told her yet but shell know when I put the sticker on

*hey, its only a car, and wont give you a leg over when you kiss it

*Um... no comment

*You could always claim you were swearing at yourself

*I dont have that problem...61" and chance of being called fat

*I totally agree although I did let her drive it once in a carpark

*I do exactly the same and she now joins me in my obvious excitement when I spot a 172 (we dont have pre 98 models here)

I was really suprised the other day when we were driving somewhere and this muppet in a 1.6 polo (and is also 4 up) decides he can take us from light to light. I wasnt really up to it as she sometimes moans but after the first time he tried and we get to the next set of lights, she looks over at him, and simply said to me "Beat him!", and so I did :)
  Scirocco GT TSi DSG

My girlfriend over the years has come to like cars and appreciate the sportier ones, still have problems with her as she wants a pink car, but other than that she is fine. She can now inform me of the cars she has seen via models and engin size rather than by the colour, as she used to. She is becoming a little speed demon since driving my car.
  Lionel Richie

I had the same thing happen to me!!!!

She was controlling what i could and couldnt spend my money on

She didnt speak to me for two weeks when i got a credit card (and slapped me when i tried to speak to her!!!)

I didnt do anything to my car for 8months (thats how long i went out with the Poisoned Dwarf - thats what my mum calls her!! She was only 5ft1)

I had to lower my car at 2am in the morning so she diidnt find out!!!! (i had to spend every spare min i had with her)

Absolute fecking nightmare!!!!!

She dumped me in the end for a druggie 5ft pot washer!!!!! (He rang me up the other week and threatened to shoot me!!!)

Cars or a Bird??? Sorry but for me cars win (no i dont take it up the Garry Glitter!!) Cars dont have mood swings, and you can rag them all month long unlike females!!!!!!

I finished with my girlfriend about three weeks ago. Was a messy afair. During some of the name callings this came out "Perhaps if you thought about my feelings as much as you think about your cars, we would have got somewhere"

now im not sure what that means, does my car have feelings?

Women and cars dont mix too well... our lass often gives me hassle about how I love my Clio more than her...

They both give me hassle...

In an unusual twist though, the girlfriend is cheaper and doesnt have as many miles on her. Pretty good VFM.


I know how you feel, I wanted to chin my missus the other day as she called my Cup "just a bit of metal to get from A to B"

I wish she was a bloke for ten minutes so I could knock her the fcuk out!

I quiet happy not having a gf at the moment, but i do wish i had one. When me and my last gf were together i was so confident around other people, and didnt care what people thought or said of me, coz i knew i had someone who wanted me for me. :)

since we stopped seeing each other, i feel "undressed" when walking around people and embarrassed, even tho i spend lots of money on my clothes and look sexeh ;)

Now i can spend money on my car instead of building her waredrobe up :eek:

Cant have em both i suppose :(
  Corsa 1.3 CDTI

My misses doesnt mind my car and is quite looking forward to be able to drive it next year (Only passed her test recently). Everytime we pull up along side a maxmuppet Nova she looks at it and says "oh look that car been Kevd up" and I have to agree on most of her statements.

I suppose I am one of the lucky ones cause I have the best of both worlds, a wife that tollerates cars and a nice car.
  VW Potato

as James says, theres a lot of positive stuff to be said for being in a relationship and what it does for your well being. Plus, your cars may be nice, but they aint nearly as sweet as falling asleep in the arms of the one you love.


My ex (who I am still very good friends with) loves her cars and she is gutted now cos she really wanted to come to York RWYB and also to Brands Hatch in a couple of weeks but she cant because she is seeing someone else. She loves the 172 and is saving up to get one of her own, she nearly bought mine a few weeks ago. I have to say that it was great to know that when the subject of cars came up then she would not stop me and she would want to talk about it as much as I did !

What you want is a girl like Angelina Jolie in Gone in 60 Seconds ! Hubba Hubba !

I am single at the moment and happy about it but I think my next girlfriend will need to like cars otherwise she will not be able to tolerate me ! LOL !

I reckon that things are down to fate, what is meant to be will be so maybe your ex will come back to you on her own accord ? Who knows, if not, plenty more fish mate !


My gf started off with the its only a car comments till I showed her the 172. She drove it and now loves it. Regular phone calls come in telling me what she has beat or what she has problems with beating.. not many of the latter. She thinks i am sad joining the club. Just bloke standing around looking under each others bonnets. But she doesnt object to me modding the car.


Thing is though after the Williams comment, I now realise that she does actually listen!!

She has also un-knowingly given me her seal of approval on the 2.0 bottom end conversion, wait until I tell her that is the next plan after the respray!!

  Lionel Richie

Didnt women in the 60s/70s all burn there Bras and turn into Fury Cup Drinkers cos they all hated blokes???