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A Year On....

  Focus ST
And i'm back :D

Sold my Cupra tonight and bought Gary's Ph1 172 straight away. Absolute mint motor inside and out

I'll get some fresh photo's in the morning

Plans are -
Ph2 rear bumper
Ph2 rear lights
Cup spoiler
Rs Tuner

Not sure what theme to take yet, black on black? wheels etc... Either go down the borbet route, subtle or stealth?

Thanks for selling me a mint motor mate
  Focus ST
Yeah i think there was a few people wanting to buy it. I had to get in there soon so i went and met him wit cash

Bargain at £1400

£2k :D
  Focus ST
Yeah i toyed with white wheels.

Maybe black with white rim? I'll have a think :D

I need a theeeeeme!

pot ltd Che

ClioSport Moderator
  Whichever has fuel
Phase 2 rear lights, cup splitter, cup spoiler and leave it at that. They look so much better when they haven't been soddomised.
  Focus ST
Phase 2 rear lights, cup splitter, cup spoiler and leave it at that. They look so much better when they haven't been soddomised.

Agreed, Lights and spoiler are priority at the minute

Like the idea of a splitter aswell

Need to know what to do with the wheels
LOL!!! Herrow. Welcome back. I might let you back in the fold. ;)

Just kidding. Great buy, and mods sound good. Was a mint bus at a bargain price. :cool:
  Focus ST
Aye it's good to be back - Massive grin's driving to work, need to ditch the HGV steering wheel asap though!!

Might have another bash at trying to clean the RB out :p
  Focus ST
Funny?! Far from funny imo... Cloth touching tbh

Still chill up the galleries on a sun? Or Bee n Qyew?
Neither dude, I CBA. Some of the old lot still get about I think. TSP on Wed's, etc.

There's a RR meet soon I thinks.
  Focus ST
Yeah i usually hit TSP

Gracing it with your presence tomorrow? WTF it's wednesday!!! Tonight....
  Focus ST
New car feeling, just want to fill it up and drive :)

Spied Karl up there last week. I'll check and see what's goin down in the NE
  arctic 182 ff
I woke up this morn and feel empty and so is my drive lol i cant believe how quick that sold.

Glad its went to a fellow n/e'r know you will look after it genuinly is a minter just in my current situ it had to sure you will enjoy it mate know i did in the short time i had it.the mods sound good but keep it subtle less is more and theres not many standard minty ph-1's left !!!!!!!
  Focus ST
I'll be keeping my eyes open for a cup spoiler, ph2 rears and splitter

Thanks for selling me such a minter mate! Also, I made it in time for football ha!
  Titanium 182
He aint been on Saxp since December they all think he is dead lol, I must get asked at least once a month if he is alive lol

  Focus ST
I get texts all the time asking if i'm alive... Me and One of the sax-p lads faked my death

Leeroy, it's gary's old one - spy the for sale section
  Focus ST
Not really had chance to test it out properly, seems a good motor though - pulls well enough

New Pilot's on it so it sticks with it being lowered 30mm also
  Focus ST
Yeah it went last night

Need to go stick money in the bank before i waste it on clio parts!