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ABS & SERV light on but not always?

hi everyone, basically my ABS and SERV light sometimes comes on while I'm driving but if I stop the car and start it again the lights disappear, any ideas what's causing this?
P.s I had the N/S abs sensor replaced about a month ago

Any help would be very useful, thanks :)


ClioSport Trader
  Clio16v/Zoe Z.E.50
Needs plugging in again to say for sure mate. Sounds like a target issue to me
Right so i found some time to check it out, i figured out that the ABS light only came on when on full left lock or going over a bump when turning left, so the first job was to get my neighbour to do a diagnostics test (he owns a garage :)), it said there was something up with the O/S ABS and he said to check the rings and give em a clean, so today i jacked up the car and the rings looked mint...

i also checked the cables weren't loose etc, all fine.
since i took the car off the jack the ABS light is now on permanently, what's going on? anyone any ideas?

I have similar problem ABS, SERV and TC comes on if stuck in traffic for longer than 20 mins with lots of brake and go. Once the lights are on the brake pedal is kind of stuck at top. I simply switch off and start again and warning lights vanish. How expensive to replace ABS rings?