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Acceleration Times


For all those who have bought alloys, which have a larger rolling radius than the standard wheels... Did you do any 1/4 Mile, 0-60 sprint times before and after the change?

I was wondering by how much acceleration is affected by sticking large wheels on...

For example, my standard wheels are 155/70/13... I have done some checks using the tyre calculator and it shows that the speedo will be 1.7% out on 195/45/15 and 6.3% out on 195/45/16.

How does this relate to performance?

Thanks for any help,

Hi Daz, well m8.. by 1.7 or 6.3% apx deciding which you go for.

acceleration will suffer..

on a 0-60 it will be as normal or there abouts as wheel spin is a tad more difficult to induce, and the higher 1st gear will help.. but at useful measuring points.. ie - 50-70 and 80-110 - you will lose out by apx the increase in percentage.

  BMW 320d Sport

yes it will definitely have an effect. An increase by an inch or two in rim size wont be the end of the world. When you go (like I did) from 195/50/15 to 215/35/18 which is also a heavier rim as well as a much bigger circumference, you can clearly feel the difference. You have to really wang it one to get it to wheelspin now. The downside is that its also a lot easier to bog down if you dont keep the revs high enough at launch.

It has made for a more controllable launch though.