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Accelerator Cable ?!

  Revo Stage 1 Leon FR
Girlfriends 1.4 Clio has been running a bit "ropey" according to her recently.

Sat in it today and had a go, and the accelerator pedal is absolutely solid! You have to push down SO hard to get moving at all and then you end up ragging the balls out of it!

She can't remember how long it it's been like this, she thought it was "normal"

She only noticed a problem because of the burning smell her clutch was making due to driving everywhere at 7000 revs!

I'm guessing the accelerator cable has gone completely... does anyone know a ROUGH cost to get this fixed / replaced in terms of parts & labour ?!

Any advice much appreciated !
  Ph 1 172
a new accelerator cable is cheap mate and it only takes about an hour to fix its just like fitting a new brake cable on a mountain bike. it would be cheaper to do it your self. just check that the cable is not caught anywhere. might be why its so stiff, probably not but just a thought. hope it gets fixed.