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Adam_'s 182

  Clio 182
Hi all,

Recently bought a 182 with the intention of using it as a track car and just all round bit of fun to tear round in when I'm not mile munching the daily (Octavia :sick:) This is the 2nd clio I've had, the first being a Mk1 1.9 diesel one that blew up within 2 weeks of buying it.... hopefully this one lasts a bit longer :ROFLMAO:

First things first, gave it a good clean and a quick polish (with the DA) and wax. Still plenty of scratches left but looked like it had been cleaned with a scouring pad before!

Changed the oil & filter and will be doing a few other general service bits like plugs (genuine) etc this week. Got a crappy mushroom filter on it atm which I intend on replacing.

I also intend on changing the gearbox oil with some Elf oil I bought but have noticed a leak coming from that general area when I was underneath the car changing engine oil.

Current mods: Eibach springs, that nasty filter & a KTEC backbox. Also noticed a powerflex bush whilst I was underneath.