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Adding IP address onto a HP printer

  Octavia VRS
I seem to have great difficulty putting an IP address on a LaserJet 1320n using HP's Jetdirect software.

Yesterday when I entered the MAC address of the printer it was found on the portion of the network but it didn't give me the option of selecting what IP address I want to give the printer. Now it's not even finding the printer through the MAC address!! :S

I've added printers before and never had trouble but this is doing my head in. It just came back from the factory after a motor repair, and I have done a cold reset.

Help please, before I throw the fooking thing through a window
erm it will have got a dhcp address so just look at the dhcp log
or just use an ip address canning program and then configure it through the web interface
  Octavia VRS
cheers lads.

IP is as is subnet mask, gateway, dhcp.

Just downloading JetAdmin now.
  Octavia VRS
Had another look at JetDirect config printout and it is displaying TCP/IP as 'Initializing' rather than ready. Looks like the problem.