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Adjustable damping

  PH1 iceburg
Been meesing around with my coilovers over last few days and i cant beleive the difference in the damper settings between firm and soft.

I have F.K konigsports and have never really touched them, as they were set near to soft.

The koni shocks have approx 3 full turns and the difference is amazing. I set them to the firmest and it was back breaking on the A roads nevermind the b roads. I have now set them about 1/4 turn from softest and they are perfect for the roads near me.

If these change the ride so much with just the one adjustment. The likes of AST must transform these humble little hatches into totally different machines.
Taking time to play with the set up does work wonders. My Gaz went from attrocious to quite good, still tweaking them 2 years on.

I started from softest setting and went up 3 clicks at a time until the ride was too hard and crashy, then knocked it back 2 clicks.
This is exactly why I recommend these to everyone! Best purchase I ever made for the car! Soft is incredibly soft like standard really and hard is very hard!

Roads round here aren't too bad (or I've got used to them lol) and I run the same settings as I do on track, on the road! Half a turn back from the hardest setting! Still got a bit of give as you need it IMO! Handles so well, you really don't need to spend on Bilstein/AST's!
  B/G 182 + PH1 Track
Took us a while to get our ASTs correct but now they are nearly perfect. The back end will slide but its very controlable.

Its fuking horrible on the road though, but i guess i doesnt have to be nice on the road.