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Adrian Flux!!!

  Clio 1.8 16V
I Took out insurance with them last year.. It was automatically renewed 2 months ago without my permission!! I left it as it did work out a little cheaper, basically i didn't have to pay any deposit so saved around £150 and none of the hassle of ringing round places!

I sent the renewal forms, they were declaration forms for my alarm and things. Next thing i know i get a letter saying its been cancelled due to none being recieved?? I now have a charge of nearly £100 for cancelation!! All i can do is renew.. And guess what.. Its another £100 on the price! I went TPFT by the way.

So i decided to check elsewhere.. I can get it cheaper almost everywhere i try.. And also with a little higher excess i can get fully comp for about the same price!! about £650 all in... Adrain flux price for fully comp?? £1300!!

Is this happened to anyone else?? are they scamming me out of more money? What can i do?

They say they can waiver the cancelation charge if i go back with them?
  naples valver
im looking to renew my insurance and was about to take out a policy with adrian flux as it happens. im 21 with a 1.8 16v 1year ncb and they gave me a quote of 721 fully comp witch i thought was good seeing as thou i had an accident a year ago and claimed. iv been previously with elephant but they want 726 tpft for 10 months!! who else u tried for insurance mate and how old etc are you? cos im getting stupid quotes of direct line and AA etc of 2k!!
  182 Trophy
I suppose it depends on the renewal forms they sent you.

If you have them see if it says that if you do not contact them your policy will auto renew or that you have to contact them to take it out. Check the small print for the cancellation period.

Think you will probs have to pay them cuz of the small print.

  Clio 1.8 16V
I'm 22 With 2 years no claims and no claims in the past 5 yrs! They said 1300 Fully comp with 500 excess.. And i live in a nice area too!? 800 TPFT with 250 excess!!? JOKE! I'm getting like 650 fully comp everywhere else!?
  Clio 1.8 16V
And it does say it automatically renews.. Thats my fault.. I rang them to sort it too late.. I have no problem with them really.. For not getting the documents i blame royal mail. I have had a problem with recieving my post too.. So if they sent reminders i dont know!? Not much i can do.. Just pisses me off that the price is so high for a re-newal! Thats where the scam lies!
  Renault Clio 172
Say that you sent them the forms back and you will gladly fill in more forms as you have nothing to hide.

Also, if you pay by direct debit, most insurance companies will automatically continue this on for a further year without your confirmation to go ahead so best to cancel the direct debit after the last one has been taken.

If you sent the forms back then argue that with them - it's not your fault that they were lost in post or at their offices. They shouldn't be charging you any more if your willing to complete further forms and send them back.
  Clio 1.8 16V
I tried... Its too late.. The policy has been effectivly cancelled.. Can't restart.. can only re-new...
  Clown Car
Does'nt it automatically get renewed with somes insurers if you are paying monthly?, i always pay the full premium annually.


ClioSport Club Member
  FF Jeden Osiem Dwa
^^^^ Same here for me . I always pay it in one lump . But i always get a renewal quote off Adrain Flux that i have to ring up and confirm if i want to renew or not .
Plus i always send any kind of document by recorded delivery so i have proof that they have received it .

Try mate , very competative . Flux renewal was £595 , privilege quoted me £432 , so Flux amazingly beat it by £2 , lol . I've never accepted a renewal quote from anybody without playing them off against other companys .

If you feel that you've been scammed , contact the Financial Ombudsman Service or the FSA .
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  Clown Car
I have just had my renewal from Adrian Fux - £534, can get the same level maybe better service from Privelege for £399, can't hurt to see if Adrian Fux will beat it though.


ClioSport Club Member
  FF Jeden Osiem Dwa
^^^ Flux will want proof of a better quote . I just gave them the reference number privilege issued me with so they could check it was real . Plus privilege's excess was lower so Flux matched that also .
  172 cup and Saab 9-3
i'm with More Than this year, i ALWAYS shop arround, Quote Me Hapyy DIDN'T this year, some ethnic person told me even with two policies they couldn't do a deal, although last year they did!!!
  Clio 1.8 16V
Got it sorted.. I went with direct line... worked out the cheapest for me! I tried 'QUOTE ME HAPPY' too! Some ethnic told me my Clio was a Ford Escort? After 5 mins of telling him it was a Clio he still couldn't understand why his screen said Ford Escort and persisted that I drove a Escort!! Call centers not in the UK?? NO THANKS!!
  Clio 1.8 16V
It's just that they have a certain script to stick to.. Most of the time, if you say something out of character they don't understand! I think he got my Reg wrong and it said Ford Escort... And he didn't understand that i was telling him i drove a clio... So yeah.. Your right.. He was a numpty! lol!
It's unlikley Flux can just cancel your policy. Check the policy booklet from the actual insurance company you are with, there will be a section headed cancelation. It is likely to say that for them to "force" cancelation of your policy they must given you 7 days written notice by recorded delivery to your last know address. If Flux did not do this they are potentially in breech of the policy terms and conditions.

If they did not do this, and it says they must in the policy wording you have a good case to take to the FOS. Put your complaint in writting telling them you want the cancelation charges waived whether or not you re-insure with them. If they claim to have sent an RD as them for a copy of the posting confirmation that will be stamped by the post office.

Obvioulsy if they sent you an RD, and you ignored it you have no case!!

Oh and if they did follow the correct proceedure in cancelling your policy, you are now required to tell every single Insurance Company you get a quote/policy from that you have had insurance cancelled. If you do not do this you are non-disclosing information to your new insurers and could potentially find your new policy void!