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Advice, new or used body bits


I am currently waiting for a claim to settle in my favour but its taking ages. I want to sort the problem out my self now and when i get my money,bonus.... The bits i need are front bumper and grill. I no i would save money if i got hold of second hand parts in that colour but what do you think would be better a bran new front(would it look noticably different being new?) or older stuff that would have weathered with the age of my car?
Ive got the nombers for 2 renault breakers, just renaults and cit-ren ltd, both are quite far away, i live near dartford tunnel but could be willing to travel if the goods are ok.
  BMW 320d Sport

Well if you get one in the same colour from a breakers it will still be a slightly different shade anyway.

Dont know how much a new bumper is from Renault nowadays, but one way or the other youre gonna have to spray it.

So ditch the standard bumper and get a Joker or something.

would you really be able to notice it that much though? i would have thought a new bumper would look more different?? the qoute i got from my local trusted garage(if there is such a garage) of 480pounds(pound symbol dont work) i just want it back the way it was before that c*** crashed into me sorry about the language but im driving around with a dis-figured clio thanks to that t**t!!!!