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Advice on Letter to Renault

  172 Cup

I went back to Renault today to discuss the problem I mentioned a couple of days ago with the paint flaking off my bonnet.

In breif I had noticed 2 small cirlces on the bonnet where paint was missing, similar to stone chips. This was noticed after 48hrs of owning the car and 200 miles. Although not massive in size they are very noticable on the car.

The dealer looked at it this morning and casually said "stone chips mate". I asked if this was normal for a car 2 days old and he said yes. When I asked why my old 172 which I had for 15 months and 16k miles had no stone chips at all he had no response.

Where do I stand on this matter? The dealer said he could get me some free touch up paint which really is like a slap in the face considering 2 days ago he was more than happy to accept the best part of £13k from me.

If any Renault employees (eg BOB) read this I would like their input too.

Thats really bad. How are you enjoying the car? What happened to that pint?! Looking at some new toys at the weekend. Im driving around in a 200 quid Polo at the moment but hopefully next week I will have something new. Abandonded the 200sx idea. It looked crap in the flesh.
  172 Cup

Car is much better than I imagined it would be. Much better than the last.

200sx is a nice car on paper but imo it looks like something for old people!

Maybe able to meet at the usual later today if you are interested? See how much work load I have later.

I have heard mixed views on them. Some people say they are really unreliable but others seem to have had trouble free ownership. I am looking at an LE at the weekend. Looks amazing and does 0-100 in 14.5 seconds!

Well mate unless you can prove it was not a stone chip you cant do much really, its like most things these days it can happen and day anytime, so if you got one as you drove it out of dealership they dont have to do a thing. If the dealership was nice then they might offer to touch it up for you apart from that i would recommend asking one of those dent/chip repair people to fix it before it gets worse or rusts
  172 Cup

Cheers for the response td. I can accept that the mark is a stone chip but what I dont accept is the paint quality. It simply should not chip that easily!